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Synonyms: 1. Hard 2. Rigid 3. Firm 4. Solidified 5. Set 6. Frozen 7. Jellied 8. Congealed 9. Concrete 10. Liquid 11. Gaseous 12. Sound 13. Substantial 14. Strong 15. Sturdy 16. Stout 17. Durable 18. Stable 19. Flimsy 20. Pure ...21. Unalloyed 22. Unmixed 23. Unadulterated 24. Genuine 25. Complete 26. Alloyed 27. Plated 28. Hollow 29. Continuous 30. Uninterrupted 31. Unbroken 32. Nonstop 33. Unremitting 34. Incessant 35. Constant 36. Consecutive 37. Undivided 38. Broken 39. Unanimous 40. United 41. Uniform 42. Consistent 43. Undivided 44. Consentient 45. Divided 46. Valid 47. Sound 48. Reasonable 49. Logical 50. Weighty 51. Authoritative 52. Convincing 53. Cogent 54. Plausible 55. Credible 56. Reliable 57. Dependable 58. Firm 59. Unshakeable 60. Trustworthy 61. Stable 62. Steadfast 63. Unfailing 64. Staunch 65. Constant 66. Unwavering 67. Sensible 68. Levelheaded 69. Decent 70. Upright 71. Upstanding 72. Worthy 73. Secure 74. Creditworthy 75. Solvent 76. Untenable 77. Incoherent 78. Unreliable 79. Gas See more »
1. Solide. Alternative form of solid; Declension . This is only an alternative form of the uninflected predicative form. The rest of the declension is the same as solid. Adjective . solide. inflection of solid: strong / mixed nominative / accusative feminine singular; strong nominative / accusative plural; weak nominative all-gender singular
2. Definition of solide in the D dictionary. Meaning of solide. What does solide mean? Information and translations of solide in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
3. Use the text generator tool below to preview solide Mirage font, and create awesome text-based images or logos with different colors and hundreds of text effects.
4. solide Cottage II. Cut from the same cloth, the solide Cottage II (right) has an added layer of luxury with the attached changing room. Feed the Legend 240 wood-burning heater from Harvia from the attached room. This convenient feature allows the sauna to heat up without interrupting the process by opening and closing the door.
5. UPM solide is especially well suited for bags, wraps and carrier bags as well as a lamination base. Print Product Sheet (PDF) View brand family. We use cookies on this website to ensure the best user experience and to target personalised content and relevant advertising.
6. solide (Old French (842-ca. 1400)) solidus (Latin) Trending Searches 🔥 self-winding mebendazole creative white-person saver negative-impact gujarati blindside telugu out-of-the-box thinking filipino some committee lindane environment for-the-first-time technology survivor
7. Translations of the phrase solide WIRTSCHAFTSANALYSE from german to english and examples of the use of "solide WIRTSCHAFTSANALYSE" in a sentence with their translations: stehenden daten reichten für eine solide wirtschaftsanalyse nicht aus.
8. solide has had a few successes - the release of 121 detainees from Syrian prisons in March 1998 and a further 54 in December 2000, but has made little progress over the past eight years. Recent political thaw with Syria puts spotlight on missing Lebanese
9. Translations of the phrase solide HANDLUNGSGRUNDLAGE from german to english and examples of the use of "solide HANDLUNGSGRUNDLAGE" in a sentence with their translations: kommission und den mitgliedstaaten eine solide handlungsgrundlage .
10. Solid Alcohol: aka - Dry Spirit, Waxed Solid Fuel, Pastilles Carburant Solide, Flaming Solid Alcohol, stearyl alcohol, octadecanol, 1-octadecanol, octadecyl alcohol, メタノール (methanol). Solid alcohol fuel is generally considered safer to use than liquid alcohol as it has much less of a spill hazard potential.
11. ExaGrid poursuit sur sa lancée avec une solide fin de troisième trimestre. Un nombre record de contrats à six chiffres et le lancement de la version 6.0, avec récupération après rançonneur.

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