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1. Solenoidally in the Trinity Saint David Dictionary; Terminology

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2. Solenoidally in the National Terminology Portal; Solenoidally in Term Cymru; Solenoidally in the Termiadur Addysg; Solenoidally in the Coleg Cymraeg's Terms; Encyclopedia

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3. Solenoidally in Wikipedia; Example Sentences Sentences containing: Solenoidally in the Assembly Proceedings

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4. Solenoidally stabilized reflector dishes in space 151 where Mz, Mr are the components of the distribution of dipole moment per unit of r (not per unit of length of the string!) and Bz(z, r), B,(z, r) is the solenoidal field

Strong, Solenoidally, Stabilized, Space, String, Solenoidal

5. The v flux from Solenoidally cap- tured pions will dominate the v flux from a horn beam at low neutrino energy

Strong, Solenoidally

6. Demonstration of a 100-kW Solenoidally Focused Sheet Electron Beam for Millimeter-Wave Amplifiers Abstract: The design and development of a high-perveance sheet electron beam is reported

Strong, Solenoidally, Sheet

7. Synonyms for Solenoidally in Free Thesaurus

Synonyms, Strong, Solenoidally

8. What are synonyms for Solenoidally?

Synonyms, Strong, Solenoidally

9. MHD equations in a periodic box with purely Solenoidally driving (Cho & Lazarian2003)

Strong, Solenoidally

10. Solenoidally-forced compressible turbulence using high-resolution direct numerical simulations Shriram Jagannathan1 and Diego A

Strong, Solenoidally, Simulations, Shriram

11. Solenoidally How many syllables? 5 Syllables How it's divided? so-le-noi-dal-ly

Strong, Solenoidally, Syllables, So

12. The plectonemically and Solenoidally supercoiled pUC18 DNA coexist in it

Strong, Solenoidally, Supercoiled

13. The amount of Solenoidally supercoiled pUC18 DNA in the samples can be changed by treatment of DNA topoisomerases.

Strong, Solenoidally, Supercoiled, Samples

14. Between the Solenoidally forced vorticity within the gravity current and the vorticity produced by strong vertical wind shear associated with the low-level jet ahead of the NCFR

Strong, Solenoidally, Shear

15. Frontogenetic and Solenoidally forced

Strong, Solenoidally

16. It has been argued [85, 91,92] that at sufficiently high Reynolds numbers, flows forced dilatationally will produce sufficient vortical motion to resemble those forced Solenoidally

Sufficiently, Sufficient, Strong, Solenoidally

17. A series stacked, Solenoidally wound, multipath inductor includes a plurality of turns disposed about a center region on two layers

Series, Stacked, Strong, Solenoidally

18. Reynolds and Mach number scaling in Solenoidally-forced compressible turbulence using high-resolution direct numerical simulations

Scaling, Strong, Solenoidally, Simulations

19. For example, turbulence in hot accretion flows may be driven Solenoidally by the magnetorotational instability or compressively by spiral shock waves.

Strong, Solenoidally, Spiral, Shock

20. The satellite evidence suggests that this tornado may have occurred as the storm ingested, tilted, and stretched Solenoidally induced vorticity associated with a sea-breeze boundary, giving the

Satellite, Suggests, Storm, Stretched, Strong, Solenoidally, Sea

21. Request PDF Demonstration of a Multikilowatt, Solenoidally Focused Sheet Beam Amplifier at 94 GHz A technological breakthrough is embodied in the successful demonstration of an extended

Strong, Solenoidally, Sheet, Successful

22. This vertical vorticity is derived from the horizontal vorticity of the environmental shear and also from horizontal vorticity generated Solenoidally as low-level air approaches the storm along the forward flank cold outflow boundary.

Shear, Strong, Solenoidally, Storm

23. Simulations with large-scale Solenoidally driven compressible (MHD) turbulence of the ISM; 12 cube sizes of 2563 and 8 of 5123; Alfvén Mach number ranges from 0.2 to 15, and sonic Mach number ranges from 0.7 to 10

Simulations, Scale, Strong, Solenoidally, Sizes, Sonic

24. Midtropospheric FG is associated with Solenoidally indirect tilting and confluence, modified by advections connected with canting (turning of wind with height), which are all features related to the structure of a gradient wind wave in Part I

Strong, Solenoidally, Structure

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SOLENOIDALLY [ˈsälənoidl]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of a solenoid?

What Is the Purpose of a Solenoid? Definition of a Solenoid. Solenoids are a type of electric motor. ... Solenoids as Actuators in Cars. Solenoids are mainly used in cars as actuators. ... Types of Solenoids. Solenoids can also be used in propane, nitrous-injections and propane systems. ... Solenoid Mechanics. A solenoid has a coil set that it uses to induce a magnetic field on a permanent magnet. ...

What is a solenoid used for?

Seven solenoids. A solenoid is an electromagnetic device used to remotely or automatically supply switching, actuation, or adjustment movement to a secondary device.

What does a solenoid do on a valve?

In machine engineering field, solenoids are a large range of actuators that convert the electric signal into mechanical movements. Solenoids are used to actuate solenoid valves, it is the control system of solenoid valves.

What are the parts of a solenoid?

The solenoid coil consists of many turns of copper wire that surround the core tube and induce the movement of the core. The coil is often encapsulated in epoxy. The coil also has an iron frame that provides a low magnetic path resistance.

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