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1. Snub definition is - to check or stop with a cutting retort : rebuke

Strong, Snub, Stop

2. Snubbed, Snub·bing, Snubs 1

Snubbed, Strong, Snub, Snubs

3. Verb (used with object), Snubbed, Snub·bing

Strong, Snubbed, Snub

4. / snʌb / -bb- to insult someone by not giving them any attention or treating them as if they are not important: Lawrence attempted to draw me into conversation, but I Snubbed him, and went to another part of the room

Sn, Someone, Strong, Snubbed

5. 21 synonyms of Snub from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 39 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Synonyms, Strong, Snub

6. Snub: treatment that is deliberately unfriendly.

Strong, Snub

7. Find 53 ways to say Snub, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Say, Strong, Snub, Sentences

8. Snubbed, Snub·bing, Snubs 1

Snubbed, Strong, Snub, Snubs

9. The Crossword Solver found 77 answers to the Snub crossword clue

Solver, Strong, Snub

10. Snub 'Snub' is a 4 letter word starting with S and ending with B Crossword clues for 'Snub' Clue Answer; Insult deliberately (4) Snub: Social slight (4) Rebuff socially (4) Sharp rebuke (4) Social rebuff (4) Openly ignore (4) Not send an expected invitation, say (4) Give the cold shoulder to (4)

Strong, Snub, Starting, Social, Slight, Socially, Sharp, Send, Say, Shoulder

11. Snub (third-person singular simple present Snubs, present participle Snubbing, simple past and past participle Snubbed) (transitive) To slight, ignore or behave coldly toward someone

Strong, Snub, Singular, Simple, Snubs, Snubbing, Snubbed, Slight, Someone

12. A noun or pronoun can be used between "Snub" and "out."

Strong, Snub

13. Snub Noir is a Snub shooters association, founded to promote, preserve, and perfect the various skills associated with the traditional detective’s classic sidearm.

Strong, Snub, Shooters, Skills, Sidearm

14. Snub: The Weeknd, whose propulsive “Blinding Lights” is one of the year’s biggest and best hits, wasn’t nominated in any category

Strong, Snub

15. Snub翻譯:冷落,怠慢。了解更多。 problems that someone has had in the past that they do not worry about because they happened a long time ago and cannot now be changed

Strong, Snub, Someone

16. This was the Snub nobody saw coming

Strong, Snub, Saw

17. In geometry, a Snub is an operation applied to a polyhedron

Strong, Snub

18. The term originates from Kepler 's names of two Archimedean solids, for the Snub cube (cubus simus) and Snub dodecahedron (dodecaedron simum)

Solids, Strong, Snub, Simus, Simum

19. In general, Snubs have chiral symmetry with two …

Strong, Snubs, Symmetry

20. To Snub is to ignore or refuse to acknowledge someone

Strong, Snub, Someone

21. If you want to Snub your former best friend, you can refuse to even look at her when you pass in the hallway

Strong, Snub

22. When you Snub someone, you deliver an insult by pretending to not even notice someone that you know.

Strong, Snub, Someone

23. The most shocking Snub could very well be this 2020 NBA All-Star, who is averaging 24.7 points, 4.3 assists and 3.8 rebounds this season.

Shocking, Strong, Snub, Star, Season

24. As much as they might be small enough to fit your holster, Snub nose revolvers are also known for delivering quite a punch

Small, Strong, Snub

25. Asked about the Weeknd’s shocking Snub, Mason has said multiple times that “no one is happy” with the result of a process that he defends as a legitimate recognition of “excellence

Shocking, Strong, Snub, Said

26. This sleek black, full metal bodied, double action, semi-automatic Snub nose revolver is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge and has dual ammo capabilities which …

Sleek, Semi, Strong, Snub

27. With ‘The Mauritanian’ Snub, Oscars Missed an Opportunity to Spotlight Muslim Issues (Guest Blog) “For Muslims, this omission is not a surprise

Strong, Snub, Spotlight, Surprise

28. A Snub-nosed revolver is the most elusive concealed carry weapon in existence and has a history that proves it’s worth its weight in gold

Strong, Snub

29. Snub - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Strong, Snub

30. Verb If you Snub someone, you deliberately insult them by ignoring them or by behaving or speaking rudely towards them

Snub, Someone, Speaking

31. He Snubbed her in public and made her feel an idiot.


32. The Weeknd to Boycott Future Grammy Awards Following ‘After Hours’ Snub “Because of the secret committees, I will no longer allow my label …

Strong, Snub, Secret

33. Snub adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (nose: short and turned up) ( nez ) retroussé adj adjectif : modifie un nom

Strong, Snub, Short

34. ‘Such a result is a Snub to traditional Labour policy - at least that's what you might think.’ ‘This is a Snub to the businesses who are spending thousands on improvements to encourage more trade.’ ‘A flagship Glasgow store would be a Snub to Edinburgh which had harboured dreams of attracting the company.’

Such, Strong, Snub, Spending, Store

35. Snub's "second banana" status, however, was firmly entrenched, and his starring vehicles were met with only a modicum of interest

Strong, Snub, Second, Status, Starring

36. • The assistant director took it as a Snub when he was not invited to the conference

Strong, Snub

37. • Male speaker It's not a Snub

Speaker, Strong, Snub

38. • Charles Howard had just delivered me a colossal Snub

Strong, Snub

39. • The mayor's comments were not meant as a deliberate Snub to the French visitors

Strong, Snub

40. • President Clinton's nomination represents a double Snub

Strong, Snub

41. Snub is a recurring spell inthe Dragon Quest series

Strong, Snub, Spell, Series

42. Snub (Originally Fendspell) is a spell featured exclusively in Dragon Quest IV.It nullifies all spells cast on one party member for the next seven turns

Strong, Snub, Spell, Spells, Seven

43. Summer Carry: 22 Years Toting the Same S&W .38 Snub 06/12/2019 10:42 AM by Chris Eger After several thousand rounds or so pushed through it over the years and two decades of carry, this early S

Summer, Strong, Same, Snub, Several, So

44. Verächtlich abweisen: to Snub sb

Strong, Snub, Sb

45. Verächtlich behandeln: to Snub sb

Strong, Snub, Sb

46. Mit Worten fertigmachen: to Snub sb

Strong, Snub, Sb

47. Vor den Kopf stoßen [Redewendung] [brüskieren] to Snub sb

Sto, Skieren, Strong, Snub, Sb

48. The Snub nose revolver is a handgun most people either love or hate

Strong, Snub

49. What does Snub mean? To Snub is to ignore someone or treat them badly on purpose

Strong, Snub, Someone

50. (verb) An example of to Snub is to ignore someone with whom

Strong, Snub, Someone

51. The complete Snub might have to do in part with this year’s switch-up in how the Recording Academy classifies its R&B categories

Strong, Snub, Switch

52. The Snub is laughable and something I just wrote to start me writing tonight

Strong, Snub, Something, Start

53. One member species, Rhinopithecus roxellana, is widely known as golden monkey or Snub-nosed monkey for its shining golden coat and funny Snub nose

Species, Strong, Snub, Shining

54. But alas, a Snub is yet another of …

Strong, Snub

55. 'Snub' Pollard, Actor: Starlight Over Texas

Strong, Snub, Starlight

56. In recalling silent movie comedian Harry "Snub" Pollard, his slight frame (5' 6"), bullet-shaped head and dark, droopy …

Silent, Strong, Snub, Slight, Shaped

57. The Weeknd was not the only surprise or Snub in the 2021 nominees list, which found prognosticators on point with big predictions for Taylor Swift, …

Surprise, Strong, Snub, Swift

58. Cardini Leather - OWB Leather Holster for S&W J Frame, for Ruger LCR and SP101, and Other 38 Special Snub Nose Revolvers up to 2.25" Barrel 4.7 out of 5 stars 54 $44.95 $ 44

Special, Strong, Snub, Stars

59. The Snub dodecahedron has 92 faces (the most of the 13 Archimedean solids): 12 are pentagons and the other 80 are equilateral triangles.It also has 150 edges, and 60 vertices

Strong, Snub, Solids

60. It has two distinct forms, which are mirror images (or "enantiomorphs") of each other.The union of both forms is a compound of two Snub dodecahedra, and the convex hull of both forms is a truncated icosidodecahedron.

Strong, Snub

61. The Weeknd felt the Snub coming

Strong, Snub

62. The 30-year-old singer lashed out at the Recording Academy Tuesday night after being Snubbed in the Grammy nominations earlier in the day

Singer, Snubbed

63. Leather holster for .38 Snub nose, Snubnose, .38 holster, Leather Holster, Belt loop holster, Bullet loop holster, RisingStarForgeUS

Strong, Snub, Snubnose

64. Add to Favorites More colors Handcrafted Leather Two Position Belt Holster for Snub Nose Colt Ruger sw Taurus Rock island Armory

Strong, Snub, Sw

65. Most Snub-nose revolvers will be small enough to conceal in small holsters

Strong, Snub, Small

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