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1. Situla definition, a deep urn, vase, or bucket-shaped vessel, especially one made in the ancient world

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2. Situla definition is - an ancient vessel shaped like a bucket usually of decorated bronze and found in Italy and other parts of Europe.

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3. Situla in Harry Thurston Peck, editor (1898) Harper's Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, New York: Harper & Brothers; Situla in William Smith et al., editor (1890) A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, London: William Wayte

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4. Marindin “ Situla ” on page 1,775/1 of the Oxford Latin Dictionary (1st ed., 1968–82)

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5. Situla (AK-140, ex John Whiteaker MC hull 1590) was laid down on 9 January 1943 by the Oregon Shipbuilding Co., Portland, Oreg.; launched on 7 February 1943; sponsored by Miss Anne Whiteaker; and commissioned on 14 January 1944, Lt

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6. Situla was accepted from the War Shipping Administration on a bare-boat basis on 2 …

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7. The history of the star: Situla

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8. Chi (χ) Aquarius, Situla, is a western star on the bucket of Aquarius

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9. Situla is applied to this star from the classical Latin term for a Water-jar or bucket, the later Arabian word being the somewhat similar Satl, and the earlier Al Dalw

Strong, Situla, Star, Somewhat, Similar, Satl

10. The history of the star: Situla

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11. [A scanned copy can be viewed on this webpage] Chi (χ) Aquarius, Situla, is a western star on the bucket of Aquarius

Scanned, Strong, Situla, Star

12. Situla is applied to this star from the classical Latin term for a Water-jar or bucket, the later Arabian word being the somewhat similar Satl, and the earlier Al Dalw.

Strong, Situla, Star, Somewhat, Similar, Satl

13. The current position of Situla is at Baltic Sea (coordinates 54.52415 N / 18.558 E) reported 2 min ago by AIS

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14. The vessel Situla (IMO: 9246188, MMSI 356151000) is a Standby Safety Vessel built in 2002 (18 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Panama.

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15. A Situla is a bucket designed to hold holy water

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16. Ivory Situlae are very rare and were apparently only made for special ceremonial occasions

Situlae, Special

17. The Situla has a slightly concave base, steep walls that flare out and then angle in sharply at the shoulder, and a wide mouth with a vertical lip

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18. Situla synonyms, Situla pronunciation, Situla translation, English dictionary definition of Situla

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19. Situla is a Giant Star type star

Strong, Situla, Star

20. Situla is a K1 III giant star based on the spectral type that was recorded in the Michigan Catalogue of Two-Dimensional Spectral Types for the HD stars, Vol

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21. Situla is not part of the Aquarius constellation outline but is within the borders of the constellation.

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22. The Situla Eldoraigne Campus is a primary school situated in the heart of Centurion’s Eldoraigne suburb and caters for children from Grade R to Grade 7

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23. Situla 'Situla' is a 6 letter word starting with S and ending with A Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Situla We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Situla will help you to finish your crossword today.

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24. English words for Situla include bucket and pail

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25. "Situla" is a Luganda imperative which means uplift, boost, improve, elevate, and to revitalize

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26. The goal of the foundation is to "Situla" orphans and train them to become agents of change in their communities

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27. Other articles where Situla is discussed: ceremonial object: Objects used in rites of passage: …used in funeral rites include Situlae, Roman and Egyptian bronze libation jars with a handle on the tops; Indian Brahmanic terra-cotta jars with perforated bases, which are broken after their use in the aqueous purification of the pyre; and cages containing birds (Buddhist Japan), sometimes eagles

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28. Definition of Situla in the dictionary

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29. What does Situla mean? Information and translations of Situla in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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30. USS Situla (AK-140) was a ‹See TfM› Crater-class cargo ship in the service of the United States Navy in World War II.It was the only ship of the Navy to have borne this name

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31. It is named after the star Situla

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32. Situla (Bucket for Holy Water) 860–880 Carolingian

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33. Situla (latinsko vedro) je izraz, ki se nanaša na starodavno okrašeno kovinsko (največkrat bronasto) posodo v obliki vedra ali vaze, značilno za čas od 8

Strong, Situla, Se, Starodavno

34. Encircling the round body of this bronze Situla, nude athletes, boxers, and wrestlers compete fiercely under the supervision of a judge who carries palm branches and a wreath.Prizes--a kantharos or cup, basins on stands, and wreaths--are displayed between the groups of figures

Strong, Situla, Supervision, Stands

35. Situla friezes were executed on Situlae, lids, dagger and sword scabbards, as well as on belt plates, cista á cordoni, helmets, earrings and votive plaques

Strong, Situla, Situlae, Sword, Scabbards

36. The idea of Situla Art developed in the Near East at the end of the 2nd millennium BC

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37. Situla is a group of schools focused on specialised and remedial education and therapy in Afrikaans and English from preschool to grade 7 in Pretoria

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38. The Situla complex, the first building to be built within the area of the new master plan, comprises a mix of different housing typologies, accompanied by diverse retail and office programmes on

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39. Situla definition: a bucket-shaped container , usually of metal or pottery and often richly decorated : Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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40. THE VAČE Situla BELONGED TO A WARRIOR WITH A HELMET ARCHAEOLOGY – THE PRECIOUS TESTIMONY OF 131YEAR-OLD MANUSCRIPTS The famous Vače Situla is a bronze bucket from the Early Iron Age, more precisely from the 5th century BC, Dragan which was excavated in 1882 in the vicinity of Vače near Litija.

Strong, Situla

41. Situla z Vač (tudi vaška Situla) je Situla iz obdobja halštata, ki jo je na Vačah blizu Litije v začetku leta 1882 (po ustnem izročilu 17

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42. Situla je najverjetneje nastala v 5

Strong, Situla

43. The Situla contained a pottery urn, which was ritually »dressed« with an embroidered textile decorated with bronze pendants and a necklace made of amber, glass, bronze and coral elements

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44. The dipsas is a kind of asp, called in Latin Situla because anyone bitten by it dies of thirst

Strong, Situla

45. All I can say for now on that item is that it appears to be marked in genitive -s and may more likely refer to either the Situla itself or to the liquids to be poured from …

Say, Strong, Situla

46. Situla LLC does business as Local Creative, Better Path and Simply Citrus

Strong, Situla, Simply

47. The Situla was used for cooling and serving wine at banquets

Strong, Situla, Serving

48. A Situla is a vessel that held liquid offerings used in rituals for the gods

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49. Situla - srečajte zgodbe daljne preteklosti Situla - meet stories of distant past

Strong, Situla, Sre, Stories

50. Bronze bell-shaped bucket (known by its Latin name as a "Situla") with cast handles and base

Shaped, Strong, Situla

51. Situla Hostel is right on the Novo Mesto Main Square

Strong, Situla, Square

52. Ljubljana is 43 mi away and Zagreb is 50 mi from the Situla

Strong, Situla

53. Bronze 'Situla' of Padiamunnebnesuttawy: the vessel is in excellent condition

Strong, Situla

54. 2310 Situla Ct , Sparks, NV 89441-3002 is currently not for sale

Strong, Situla, Sparks, Sale

55. Elaphe Situla — ENGELMANN et al 1993 Elaphe Situla — SCHULZ 1996: 241 Zamenis Situla — UTIGER et al

Strong, Situla, Schulz

56. 2002 Elaphe Situla — KUMLUTAS et al

Strong, Situla

57. 2004 Zamenis situlus — SCHLÜTER 2006 Zamenis Situla — SPEYBROECK 2007 Zamenis Situla — VENCHI & SINDACO 2006 Zamenis Situla — WALLACH et al

Situlus, Schl, Strong, Situla, Speybroeck, Sindaco

58. 2014: 810 Zamenis Situla — KWET & TRAPP 2015

Strong, Situla

59. Black-figure painted pottery Situla

Strong, Situla

60. Situla Restaurant serves traditional Slovene cuisine for lunch every day

Strong, Situla, Serves, Slovene

61. Situla – „vedro“) je typ nádoby.Zväčša má tvar vedra a je vyrobená z kovu.

Strong, Situla

62. Situlae), kovová alebo keramická hlboká nádoba (rôznych tvarov, niekedy s pokrývkou) zvyčajne s mierne konkávnym valcovitým telom, s otvoreným ústím, dvoma malými uchami na hornom okraji a pohyblivým držadlom, slúžila na mnohé účely (úžitkové, votívne

Situlae, St, Sl

63. Italiano: La Situla (dal latino Situla cioè "secchia") è un vaso potorio metallico, più raramente in terracotta, utilizzato da molte antiche civiltà mediterranee, soprattutto in ambito cerimoniale

Strong, Situla, Secchia, Soprattutto


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does situla mean?

    Definition of situla. : an ancient vessel shaped like a bucket usually of decorated bronze and found in Italy and other parts of Europe.

    What is situla bronze?

    Decorated Iron Age situlae in bronze are a distinctive feature of Etruscan art in burials from the northern part of the Etruscan regions, from which the style spread north to some cultures in Northern Italy, Slovenia, and adjacent areas, where terms such as situla culture and situla art may be used.

    What is situla art?

    Situla art was an important means of transition of Greek-derived motifs from the Etruscans through the regions to the north to the emerging La Tène culture further west.

    What is an Etruscan vase?

    They are in various materials, from pottery to bronze, and sometimes silver. The Situla of the Pania is an unusual luxury Etruscan example in ivory, and the Bocchoris vase a ceramic import from Egypt from an Etruscan burial.

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