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Word suggestions (6): Site, Cite, Sigh, Sight, Sit, Spite




(be sited)


plot, lot, area, plat, location, place, position, situation, locality, whereabouts,

"Site" in Example Sentences

1. The latter selected a position a few hundred yards to the north-east of the old city of Chung-tu or Yenking, where he founded the new city of Ta-tu ("great capital"), called by the Mongols Taidu or Daitu, but also KhanBalik; and from this time dates the use of the latter name as applied to this site.
2. 764791 Would you mind putting a link on your web page to our company's web site?CK 1 1334793 Bookmark this site.Guybrush88 1069898 This site is quite useful. goksun 27627 A man appeared at the site.CM 57677 This site is ideal for our house. CK 1440840 Our web site attracts a lot of users. charlotte13 308316 She taught me how to make a web site.CK 44260 The site is used for military purposes.
3. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "site" The government has just announced the site of the new science museumThe government is looking for a site on which to build a new school in this area. The government has just announced the site of the new science museum. You are not allowed onto the construction site unless you are wearing a hardhat.
4. Storing an email address enables people to contact you through the website without you having to reveal your email address to them, and it can be used to send you a new password if you forget it.Your real name, if you choose to provide it, will be used for giving you attribution for your work.
5. The word "clangor" is a noun. An example of a sentence using the word would be: The clangor of the construction site was beginning to give them a headache.
6. In today’s post, I want to outline the differences of cite vs. site and site vs. sight and then give you a few tricks to remember their differences. When to Use Cite Cite is a verb, meaning to quote or refer to (something), to summon to bring in front of a court , or to issue a notice of violation .
7. How would your use site in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User August 28, 2012 11:05PM. the site of the view is amazing. Related Questions. Asked in Example Sentences How do you use deem in a sentence?
8. The question was - Which is the best site to use to see an example sentence of a word? I won’t say it’s the best but many see this one as highly authoritaive. The default bar on top is set to Dictionary - just enter the word and the definition wil
9. Cite definition is - to call upon officially or authoritatively to appear (as before a court). How to use cite in a sentence. cite, sight, and site Synonym Discussion of cite.
10. Choose Your Words - All are good for research papers: cite is short for citation, site is a place, and sight is what your eyeballs are for. The Web has a lot to answer for, good and bad. One item in the minus column is the increased popularity of site and people throwing these sound-alikes all over the place!
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