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1. Similiar synonyms, Similiar pronunciation, Similiar translation, English dictionary definition of Similiar

Strong, Similiar, Synonyms

2. What does Similiar mean? Common misspelling of similar

Strong, Similiar, Similar

3. As adjectives the difference between Similiar and similar is that Similiar is while similar is having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable

Strong, Similiar, Similar

4. The main difference between Similiar and Similar is that the word Similiar is generally be misspelled and word Similar means having a resemblance in appearance, character, or quantity, without being identical

Strong, Similiar, Similar

5. The original word is spelled with no i between l and a, therefore Similiar is an incorrect form, and the correct one is similar

Spelled, Strong, Similiar, Similar

6. Synonyms for Similiar in Free Thesaurus

Synonyms, Strong, Similiar

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SIMILIAR [ˈsim(ə)lər]

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