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1. Shutterbug in a sentence - Use "shutterbug" in a sentence 1. (UP ) T . "shutterbugg" in a sentence "shutterbugs" in a sentence "shutterdulai" in a sentence; How can I put and write and define shutterbug in a sentence and how is the word shutterbug used in a sentence and examples? 5. shutterbug definition is - a photography enthusiast. 3. 2. 2 : 2.
2. How to use shutterbugs in a sentence. Example sentences with the word shutterbugs. shutterbugs example sentences.
3. ‘vacationing shutterbugs hope for sunny days’ ‘For amateur shutterbugs with digital cameras, here's as good a chance as any to become a published photographer.’ ‘Film was already loaded in the camera so that shutterbugs had only to point and shoot and then send the still loaded camera back to the company's factory in Rochester.’
4. shutterbugs definition: Noun 1. plural form of shutterbug
5. Definition of shutterbugs in the D dictionary. Meaning of shutterbugs. What does shutterbugs mean? Information and translations of shutterbugs in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
6. The Boardwalk - If you're seeking thrills, check out the Xcelerator hydraulic catapult coaster (boasting 0 to 80 miles per hour in just 2.3 seconds!; This new found self-assurance helps catapult beginner shutterbugs from the preliminary stages of picture-taking to the ranks of the professionals.; It was on the set of this film where he met the man that, unbeknownst to him at the time, would
7. The startup just rolled out new paid membership offerings on Monday to cater to casual shutterbugs, whereas before the company had focused primarily on professional photographers.
8. shutterbugs of SIS, Medan Royal Sumatra Complex, Jl. Letjen Jamin Ginting, Km 8.5 . X - TKJ 1 SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Medan Jalan Jamin Ginting No.11C Km.11,1 Medan . SMU NEGERI 17 MEDAN Jl. Jamin Ginting Lucih SUMATERA UTARA JL. JAMIN GINTING, LAUCIH Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 6. If you are ill, seek medical care early

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