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1. Shingling was a stage in the production of bar iron or steel, in the finery and puddling processes. As with many ironmaking terms, this is derived from the French - cinglage

Shingling, Strong, Stage, Steel

2. If you aren't already familiar, Shingling means using a leave-in conditioner, curling cream, or gel to separate and define each individual curl

Strong, Shingling, Separate

3. When Shingling a roof with three tab shingles, it’s easiest to shingle the roof planes first, working toward the valley

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4. 886-2-2601-8866 886-2-2603-6677

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5. Learn the three methods of Shingling a roof valley, the advantages and disadvantages of each, how to choose valley flashing and how to shingle an open valley.

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6. Shingling The act of continuing to date a girl you want to break up with while you start dating a new girl

Shingling, Start

7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In natural language processing a w-Shingling is a set of unique shingles (therefore n-grams) each of which is composed of contiguous subsequences of tokens within a document, which can then be used to ascertain the similarity between documents.

Shingling, Set, Shingles, Subsequences, Similarity

8. Shingling, or creep, refers to the fact that the trim margin of inner pages of inner signatures of saddle-stitched books are actually narrower than pages in outer signatures

Strong, Shingling, Signatures, Saddle, Stitched

9. The Shingling foliage grows so tight and flat on the supporting surface, that it looks nearly artificial

Strong, Shingling, So, Supporting, Surface

10. The Shingling method involves using a leave-in cream or conditioner to separate each and every curl from each other, then defining them well by smoothing them out

Strong, Shingling, Separate, Smoothing

11. With shingles (procured from men who were Shingling Dr

Shingles, Shingling

12. THE BELIEVING YEARS EDMUND LESTER PEARSON Commence to lay them from the ground, and work up to the cross-pole, Shingling them carefully as you go


13. A solar panel manufacturing process that has gotten some traction recently is “Shingling.” Not to be confused with “solar shingles” used in building-applied photovoltaics, shingled modules cut solar cells into strips and overlap them inside the framed module.

Solar, Some, Shingling, Shingles, Shingled, Strips

14. Shingling was a stage in the production of bar iron or steel, in the finery and puddling processes

Shingling, Stage, Steel

15. The answer lies in a technique known as Shingling

Strong, Shingling

16. Definitions and Meaning of Shingling in English shingle noun

Strong, Shingling, Shingle

17. Priscilla has managed to get the Shingling method down to a science! We decided to pick her brain to learn her secrets

Strong, Shingling, Science, Secrets

18. This is the method behind what some of us may call the Shingling technique madness

Some, Strong, Shingling

19. Read on for inspiration and some useful tips: Curly Hair Care and Shingling Method Tips with Priscilla Quaye

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20. Shingling a roof with architectural shingles is similar to using 3-tab shingles

Strong, Shingling, Shingles, Similar

21. Shingling a roof for example, is an extremely complex process and it is certainly not something that you can do on a whim

Strong, Shingling, Something

22. Shingling - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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23. "Shingling is a method of putting a product on your hair with your fingers to smooth textured hair," Jaxcee, a New York-based colorist and co-founder of The Coily Collective at Riccardo Maggiore

Shingling, Smooth

24. 886-2-2601-8866 886-2-2603-6677

Strong, Shingling

25. In Shingling can be effective to say use k = 3 where the first word must be a stop word: the pizza oven

Strong, Shingling, Say, Stop

26. Monstera Dubia - Shingling plant - growing in 4” pot - rare plant - ships potted with board CutePlantClub

Strong, Shingling, Ships

27. The Shingling method gives your curls the most defintion possible when doing a wash and go

Strong, Shingling

28. Yet, for those of us with fine natural hair, the Shingling method can also make our hair look like limp noodles!

Strong, Shingling

29. What Is Shingling? The Shingling method is used for defining natural curls and is growing in popularity

Strong, Shingling

30. Shingling makes this possible without too much fuss

Strong, Shingling

31. For the Shingling process, you need only your hands and a curl defining product, such as the…

Strong, Shingling, Such

32. Shingling the hair means separating and defining each individual curl, resulting in maximum curl definition, minimum frizz and bouncy, elongated curls.

Strong, Shingling, Separating

33. Shingling the Fog and Other Plains Lies Paperback – March 1, 1980 by Roger L

Strong, Shingling

34. Shingling: In geology , the arrangement of flat pebbles or boulders in such a manner that they overlap like shingles

Strong, Shingling, Such, Shingles

35. Though Minhash, Shingling and even LSH are relatively simple algorithms they allow us to do very powerful work to search for near duplicate documents

Strong, Shingling, Simple, Search

36. Though this post is a brief overview on minhash and Shingling, I hope it proves useful to others looking to develop their own implementations.

Strong, Shingling

37. Synonyms for Shingling include shaving, trimming, cropping, cutting, barbering, paring, shearing, snipping, bobbing and clipping

Synonyms, Strong, Shingling, Shaving, Shearing, Snipping

38. Dictionary entry overview: What does Shingling mean? • Shingling (noun) The noun Shingling has 2 senses: 1

Strong, Shingling, Senses

39. The laying on of shingles Familiarity information: Shingling used as a noun is rare.

Shingles, Strong, Shingling

40. No more Denman brush, Shingling, or finger coils - this method works best on thick, frizz-prone coily and curly natural hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does shingling mean?

verb (used with object), shin·gled, shin·gling. Metalworking. to hammer or squeeze (puddled iron) into a bloom or billet, eliminating as much slag as possible; knobble. He built entirely by himself, save the chimney and some part of the shingling (wooden roofing).

What is a shingle in a sentence?

Shingle definition is - a small thin piece of building material often with one end thicker than the other for laying in overlapping rows as a covering for the roof or sides of a building. How to use shingle in a sentence.

What is the definition of shingling hatchet?

Definition of shingling hatchet. : a hatchet usually with a notch in the blade for extracting nails and a hammerhead opposite the cutting edge.

What is shingling steel?

This article is about the industrial steel manufacturing process. For the text mining technique, see w-shingling. Shingling was a stage in the production of bar iron or steel, in the finery and puddling processes. As with many ironmaking terms, this is derived from the French - cinglage .

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