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1. To develop into a particular form or condition: This is Shaping into one of the biggest scandals of the century.

Strong, Shaping, Scandals

2. Shaping is the process of reinforcing successively closer and closer approximations to a desired terminal behavior

Strong, Shaping, Successively

3. The Shaping of behavior starts at …

Strong, Shaping, Starts

4. The Shaping of his clubs previously had been done by a rude tearing or hammering off of their twigs


5. MAN AND HIS ANCESTOR CHARLES MORRIS The rubbing requisite in Shaping and polishing war clubs may have yielded a heat occasionally causing fire


6. Shaping is a term used in behavioral psychology to describe establishing an operant behavior through a series of successive approximations toward the desired response

Shaping, Series, Successive

7. How Does Shaping Work? So how exactly does this Shaping process work in psychology?

Shaping, So

8. Shaping, or behavior-Shaping, is a variant of operant conditioning


9. Shaping is used when you want the student to engage in a certain desirable behavior that is, at present, infrequently or never displayed by him/her

Shaping, Student

10. The process of establishing a behavior that is not learned or performed by an individual at present is referred to as Shaping


11. has become one of the worlds largest retailer of fine European pantyhose, stockings and fashion hosiery with 99% of all items in stock ready to be shipped to customers all around the globe.

Shapings, Stockings, Stock, Shipped

12. Shaping can also be defined as the procedure that involves reinforcing behaviors that are closer to the target behavior, also known as successive approximations

Shaping, Successive

13. Present participle of shape Synonyms & Antonyms of Shaping 1 to change (something) so as to make it suitable for a new use or situation a dress shaped to the customer's particular figure

Shape, Synonyms, Shaping, Something, So, Suitable, Situation, Shaped

14. Shaping for Obedience, Trick Training, and Dog Sports

Strong, Shaping, Sports

15. Shaping can help you teach obedience behaviors

Strong, Shaping

16. Shaping can influence a person’s individual behaviors, but it’s not used to completely transform a person


17. Instead of Shaping your eyebrows the first time by using a tweezer, go get them done professionally

Strong, Shaping

18. Shaping can be a great way to teach some difficult behaviours, expand your animal’s capabilities, exercise your animal’s brain, and build your chops as a trainer

Strong, Shaping, Some

19. There has been a recent trend pushing toward free Shaping as much as possible

Strong, Shaping

20. While it is a powerful training tool, it can also be frustrating for the learner if the Shaping is

Strong, Shaping

21. Shaping = a process used in teaching in which a behavior or skill is gradually taught by differentially reinforcing successive approximations to the behavior that the teacher wants to create

Shaping, Skill, Successive

22. In psychology, Shaping is a method of behavior training in which reinforcement is given for progressively closer approximations of the desired target behavior

Strong, Shaping

23. Shaping is also known as the method of successive approximations

Strong, Shaping, Successive

24. Skinner used Shaping as a technique in experiments testing operant conditioning principles.

Skinner, Strong, Shaping

25. Shaping is the use of reinforcement of successive approximations of a desired behavior

Shaping, Successive

26. Specifically, when using a Shaping technique, each approximate desired behavior that is demonstrated is reinforced, while behaviors that are not approximations of the desired behavior are not reinforced.

Specifically, Shaping

27. I'm Shaping! This channel has the best Rust Moments And Twitch Highlights On Youtube! I try to post twice a week :) My Discord: I can do all things through Christ who

Strong, Shaping

28. Shaping is considered an essential process in teaching because behavior cannot be rewarded unless it first occurs

Strong, Shaping

29. Shaping is intended to lead children in the direction of appropriate complex behavior, and then reward them as they complete each successive step.

Strong, Shaping, Successive, Step

30. Shaping is the reinforcement of successive approximations of a target behavior

Strong, Shaping, Successive

31. Shaping is a way of adding a new behavior to a child’s repertoire

Strong, Shaping

32. Shaping is used when the target behavior does not exist

Strong, Shaping

33. In Shaping, you are rewarding any behavior that is a closer approximation of the target behavior than the behavior you rewarded last.

Strong, Shaping

34. Shaping Process Starting with a rested round, flip the round over onto your work surface and spread out gently

Shaping, Starting, Surface, Spread

35. Carmen Marc Valvo Women's Bikini Bottom Swimsuit with Shaping Liner Detail

Swimsuit, Strong, Shaping

36. Smart & Sexy Women's High-Waisted Shaping Bikini Bottom with Side Ruching

Smart, Sexy, Strong, Shaping, Side

37. Tree Shaping (also known by several other alternative names) uses living trees and other woody plants as the medium to create structures and art

Strong, Shaping, Several, Structures

38. Research Summary: Shaping procedures are well-established learning principles and have been widely researched and shown to be effective in increasing a variety of skills to individuals with autism

Summary, Strong, Shaping, Shown, Skills

39. Recommendations: Shaping procedures are effective ways in which to teach individuals with autism a variety of skills

Strong, Shaping, Skills

40. ShapingEDU is a community of dreamers, doers and drivers Shaping the future of learning in the digital age

Shapingedu, Strong, Shaping

41. Shaping is creative and integrative

Strong, Shaping

42. Shaping is primarily design work.

Strong, Shaping

43. Shaping High School Asian Pacific Islanders for the Next Generation (Shaping) is a leadership conference that encourages junior and senior high school level students of Asian-American/Pacific Islander descent to pursue higher education.

Strong, Shaping, School, Senior, Students

44. 8 synonyms of Shaping (up) from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 17 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Synonyms, Strong, Shaping

45. Find another word for Shaping (up)

Strong, Shaping

46. Shaping (up): to take on a definite form.

Strong, Shaping

47. In psychology, Shaping (psychology), is the reinforcement of successive approximations to train a type of behavior

Strong, Shaping, Successive

48. In communications, Traffic Shaping, is the internet traffic management

Strong, Shaping

49. In mechanics, Shaping is a material removal process in which a cutting tool takes mass and shapes a stationary object to produce a sculpted or plane surface.

Strong, Shaping, Shapes, Stationary, Sculpted, Surface

50. Shaping is another instructional approach to child learning that breaks down information or skills into their smallest component

Strong, Shaping, Skills, Smallest

51. The combination of scaffolding and Shaping maximizes both teaching and learning in a classroom.

Scaffolding, Strong, Shaping

52. Traffic Shaping is bandwidth management technique that delays the flow of certain types of network packets in order to ensure network performance for higher priority applications

Strong, Shaping

53. It made Shaping his beard easier and quicker than hand Shaping

Strong, Shaping

54. Booty Shaping jeans are great for every body type

Strong, Shaping

55. Check out Fashion Nova’s butt Shaping jeans for all shapes and sizes at prices you can afford.

Strong, Shaping, Shapes, Sizes

56. Determine whether Shaping is the appropriate procedure 3

Strong, Shaping

57. Choose the reinforcer to use in the Shaping procedure 6

Strong, Shaping

58. Move through the Shaping steps at a proper pace

Strong, Shaping, Steps

59. Shaping n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

Strong, Shaping

60. Shaping “purists” tend to scoff at lure/prompt Shaping, but it can be very effective at getting behaviors more quickly, although slower at teaching dogs to think creatively and offer behaviors freely

Strong, Shaping, Scoff, Slower

61. Dogs in basic good manners classes are often taught the “Down” with lure-Shaping, by luring the dog’s nose toward the floor with a

Strong, Shaping

62. Shaping refers to slow manipulation of a behavior

Strong, Shaping, Slow

63. With Shaping, you want every baby step to be an ultra-positive experience.

Strong, Shaping, Step

64. Women's Bali® 2-pack Light Control Lace Shaping Brief Panty Set X372 sale $24.00

Strong, Shaping, Set, Sale

65. Bali® 2-pack Cotton Light Control Shaping Briefs X037

Strong, Shaping

66. Traffic Shaping, also known as packet Shaping, is a congestion management method that regulates network data transfer by delaying the flow of less important or less desired packets.It is used to optimize network performance by prioritizing certain traffic flows and ensuring the traffic rate doesn't exceed the bandwidth limit.

Strong, Shaping

67. Shaping is a QoS (Quality of Service) technique that we can use to enforce lower bitrates than what the physical interface is capable of

Strong, Shaping, Service

68. Most ISPs will use Shaping or …

Strong, Shaping

69. Shaping firms mold or reshape an industry by influencing the development of a market in its favor through coordination with other players

Strong, Shaping

70. A Shaping approach both permits and requires a firm to collaborate with others in a diverse ecosystem that distributes risk, supplies complementary capabilities

Strong, Shaping, Supplies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of shaping in psychology?

An example of shaping in psychology would be teaching a rat to stand on a platform and push a lever for food.

What is shaping in psychology?

Shaping is a term used in behavioral psychology to describe establishing an operant behavior through a series of successive approximations toward the desired response. Closer and closer responses are reinforced until the desired response is achieved.

What does shaping up mean?

Definition of shape-up. (Entry 1 of 2) : a system of hiring workers and especially longshoremen by the day or shift by having applicants gather for each day's selection also : an instance of such hiring practice. shape up.

What is shaping in ABA?

Shaping is a tool used in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for reinforcing gradual steps toward a desired skill or behavior. It breaks complex tasks into smaller pieces, making a change easier for your child to accept or master.

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