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1. Shaivism, organized worship of the Indian god Shiva and, with Vaishnavism and Shaktism, one of the three principal forms of modern Hinduism. Shaivism includes such diverse movements as the highly philosophical Shaiva-siddhanta, the socially distinctive Lingayat, ascetics such as the dashnami sannyasin s, and innumerable folk variants.

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2. Shaivism is a major tradition within Hinduism with a theology that is predominantly related to the Hindu god Shiva. Shaivism has many different sub-traditions with regional variations and differences in philosophy

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3. Shaivism has a vast literature with different philosophical schools ranging from nondualism, dualism, and mixed schools.

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4. Śaivism, also written Shaivism and Saivism, is the branch of Hinduism that worships Siva as the Supreme God. Followers of Śaivism are called Śaivas or Śaivites

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5. Shaivism is an exact, effective science of lasting spiritual attainment that allows us to become established in that sacred space, beyond your mind and beyond your senses.

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6. Shaivism was probably the first antithetical movement against Vedic casteism, long before the emergence of Buddhism as a formidable religion. What we know about Shiva is much less than what we do not know

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7. Shaivism is one of the four largest Hindu sects. Shiva is included as one of the deities in the Hindu Trinity and is considered fierce, limitless, unchanging, omniscient and to represent the universal Consciousness

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8. In fact, Shaivism is a form of monolatry or henotheism, since it worships a single deity while simultaneously believing that more than one deity exists

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9. Shaivism is distinguished from other Hindu sects, in no small part, for its perspective on animals and violence.

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10. Shaivism The character and position of the Vedic god Rudra —called Shiva, “the Auspicious One,” when this aspect of his ambivalent nature is emphasized—remain clearly evident in some of the important features of the great god Shiva, who together with Vishnu came to dominate Hinduism.

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11. This thesis contends that samāveśa—meaning the fusion or commingling of one’s self with the energy of one’s deity and/or the consciousness of one’s guru—is the key term that distinguishes Tantric Shaivism from mainstream (esp

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12. What is commonly called “Kashmiri Shaivism” is actually a group of several monistic and tantric religious traditions that flourished in Kashmir from the latter centuries of the first millennium C.E

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13. Kashmir Shaivism derives its teachings from the sixty-four monistic Tantras, known as the Bhairava Tantras, the essence of which is called ‘Trika Shaivism

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14. Shaivism or Saivism is the name given to a group of religious traditions which regard Lord Siva, also spelled as Shiva, as the highest Supreme Self or Brahman and worship Him accordingly

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15. Shaivism is the organized worship of the Hindu deity Shiva along, with Vaishnavism and Shaktism, which is one of the three principal systems of modern age Hinduism

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16. The division between Vaishnavism and Shaivism has been very old, maybe as old as Hinduism

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17. R/Shaivism: Om Namah Shivaya welcome to the official Shaivism subreddit! Shaivism is a branch of Hinduism with Lord Shiva being central

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18. Shaivism or Saivism is one of the four most widely followed sects of Hinduism, which reveres the god Shiva as the Supreme Being

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19. Saivism (Shaivism) is a major sect of Hinduism

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20. Definition of Shaivism in the dictionary

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21. What does Shaivism mean? Information and translations of Shaivism in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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22. Kashmir Shaivism: From MalinivijyottaraA long time ago, when knowledge was of supreme importance and people were of great intelligence.Sanak, Sanadan, Agasty

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23. Shaivism of Kashmir has developed between the eight and the twelfth centuries of the Christian era

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24. The ones in south Indian languages such as Tamil are likely to be a more accurate reflection of Shaivism and the three main branches of Agama texts are those of Shaivism (Shiva), Vaishnavism (Vishnu), Shaktism (Devi)

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25. Shaivism is a very deep, devotional and mystical denomination of Hinduism

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26. Shaivism and Tiruvannamalai district · See more » Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

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27. New!!: Shaivism and Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

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28. I found that the philosophy of Kashmiri Shaivism is said to be similar to Adviata and preaching involves the Yoga

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29. I came to know that Vasugupta is the important contributor to Kashimir Shaivism and he revealed Shiva Sutras

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30. I am interested in knowing the Guru Parampara of Kashimir Shaivism like we have Guru parampara of Advaita and

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31. Kashmir Shaivism The Secret Supreme

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32. Kashmir Shaivism explains the cosmic evolution through 36 elements (tattvas) which include 23 elements of Vedanta without modification, 2 with modification, and prescribes 11 more elements (tattvas)

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33. Parmshiva of Kashmir Shaivism is not the same Shiva of Vedanta who is meditating at Mount Kailash with Parvati by His side.

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34. The beginnings of the ancient tradition of Shaivism are lost in antiquity

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35. Archaeological excavations in Mohenjodaro and Harappa reveal that Shaivism is the most ancient living faith in the world (Singh, 1990)

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36. Although dating back to the 8th-11th centuries CE, Kashmir Shaivism has only relatively recently been discovered by the West

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37. Shaivism is a unique religion in which God manifested and unmanifested, and dual and nedvoystven, within us and outside of us

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38. In Kashmir Shaivism, Supreme Consciousness (Cit, identical to Akula) is considered to be the substrate of manifestation

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39. The Trika Shaivism of Kashmir: Mark Dyczkowski - Duration: 35:32

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40. Trika (Kashmir Shaivism) is IMO one of the deepest tantra yoga and philosophy systems and probably without a competent guru impossible to master

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41. Kashmir Shaivism# Trika# All shaivite saints of Kashmir # Teaching of Kashmir Shaivism

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42. Answered a similar question: answer to What is the difference among Shaivam, Kashmir Shaivism, and Advaita Vedanta? Coming to the answer in simplest terms: 1

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43. Kashmir Shaivism opens the door to the lost - to the western world - ancient timeless order, that eternal wisdom that lies within the Hearts of all waiting to be rediscovered

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44. Swami Lakshmanjoo's `Kashmir Shaivism, The Secret Supreme' is a bit like a user's manual or explanatory dictionary for Kashmir Shaivism.

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45. Light on Tantra in Kashmir Shaivism - Abhinavgupta's Tantraloka Volume 2 Chapters Two & Three Tantrāloka is the voluminous masterwork of the 10th-century philosopher-saint Abhinavagupta.It is a veritable encyclopedia of non-dual Shaivism, a spiritual treasure trove containing a glorious synthesis of all the schools that make up Kashmir Shaivism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Shaivism mean?

Definition - What does Shaivism mean? Within Hinduism, Shaivism is one the largest sects that believe Shiva — worshiped as a creator and destroyer of worlds — is the supreme god over all. Those that revere Shiva as supreme are called Shaivas (or Saivas) and are known to adhere to self-purification rituals as well as worship Shiva in a temple.

What is Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta?

Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta are both non-dual philosophies that give primacy to Universal Consciousness (Chit or Brahman). In Kashmir Shaivism, all things are a manifestation of this Consciousness, but the phenomenal world (Śakti) is real, existing and having its being in Consciousness (Chit).

Is Shaiva related to Shaktism?

It is closely related to Shaktism, and some Shaiva worship in Shiva and Shakti temples. It is the Hindu tradition that most accepts ascetic life and emphasizes yoga, and like other Hindu traditions encourages an individual to discover and be one with Shiva within. Shaivism is one of the largest traditions within Hinduism.

What does Shiva represent in Hinduism?

Yogapedia explains Shaivism Shaivism is one of the four largest Hindu sects. Shiva is included as one of the deities in the Hindu Trinity and is considered fierce, limitless, unchanging, omniscient and to represent the universal Consciousness. Shaivas often mark themselves with ash on the forehead or body as a symbol of devotion to Shiva.

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