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Looking for sentences with "Shabbos"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Kashrut
1. The term is a combination of the word "Shabbos" (שבת) meaning the Sabbath day of rest, and goy, which literally means "a nation" but colloquially means a "non-Jew" (in Biblical Hebrew "goy" means simply "a nation", but in Mishnaic Hebrew it is used in the sense of "a non-national", i.e., "a non-Jew").
2. The shabbos App was a proposed Android app claimed by its creators to enable Jews to permissibly use a smartphone to text on Shabbat. Developers stated that the application would be released in December 2014, but the app was delayed and eventually never released.
3. Some people sharpen the knives (when applicable) so that they will be easier to use on shabbos (Rema O:CH 250-1). Included in this, is to do whatever is necessary to ensure that shabbos will be a calm, peaceful day, without friction in the house. This is because that is also part of the honor of shabbos.
4. Oven Use on shabbos. By: Admin. Dear Readers, We at the STAR-K have worked with numerous appliance companies to make modern appliances more kosher consumer friendly for shabbos and Yom Tov. During this process we have, in many cases, eliminated lights, icons, tones, and digital displays, provided for timed bake without tones and icons, and
5. This became a real problem to use on shabbos. If the refrigerator door is opened, hot air that enters causes the temperature to rise and the compressor needs to run longer to keep the food cool. Longer compressor run time means the defrost cycle activates sooner than it would have. This is a serious concern. Even according to the poskim who
6. When using the shabbos Keeper, the compressor, defrost cycle, interior lights, sensors, etc. are automated by the device rather than operating based on input from the refrigerator owner. For more information about the benefits to using the shabbos Keeper, as well as a comparison to the standard refrigerator Sabbath Mode, visit: The shabbos Keeper.
7. The shabbos App is a proposed Android app claimed by its creators to enable Orthodox Jews, and all Jewish Sabbath-observers, to use a smartphone to text on the Jewish Sabbath. It has met with resistance from some authorities. Permissions
8. The prohibition of cooking on shabbos is defined as the act of using heat to make a substance edible, or to change its current state. In order for food to be considered hot, the food must reach a temperature of yad soledes bo (120°F), hot enough to cause one to withdraw his hand due to the heat.
9. A shabbos Stairlift is a regular stairlift that has the shabbos option installed on it. The technology used was developed by GramaChip Technologies LLC labs. Depending on stairlift brand and type, the shabbos Mode installation process may vary.
10. There is a common stance that one may not "use" (whatever that means) electricity on Shabbos, but it seems that the talmud allows for a heter, a permissible case. Apparently, if one wants to insert an electrical wire into an outlet on the sabbath using the lower of two sockets, one can do so because of the principle of "low plug."
11. [6] Or use hot water: Shemiras shabbos K’hilchasah 30:23. [7] Although there is no permissible method for a Jew to wash a floor on shabbos (see O.C. 337:4), there are permissible ways for a non-Jew to do so; see Rama 337:2 and Mishnah Berurah 10. [8] Birkei Yosef, O.C. 333:2, quoted in Kaf ha-Chayim 337:21.
12. Here’s the best five electric hot pots to use on shabbos. 1. Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn, 6.8 quart (25.6 cup) at $45. Buy on Amazon. This Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn is billed at having 45 cups — but that doesn’t make any sense considering it’s only 6.8 quarts — those cups would have to be super small to work! I had to dig deep to figure
13. “You can use it during the week. You don’t have a clunky lamp you have to take out especially for shabbos. It’s safe, and the LED bulb will last for years while saving you on energy costs.” The Shabbulb is approved for Shabbat use by the Orthodox Union and retails for about $25. Sabbath-mode oven feature
14. In warming food on Shabbos, there are three issues to consider – the first is potentially d’oraita and the latter two are d’rabbanan – bishul, hatmana and chazara.. Bishul /cooking includes, but is not limited to, finishing off the cooking/baking of a food (e.g. baking/warming a challah in a manner that removes the last vestiges of doughiness) and heating a cold liquid to above 120°F
15. The shabbos App was an idea of a smartphone app that would be permitted to use on shabbos based on Grama and other factors. In reality it doesn't exist but in the process many poskim explained why the idea wasn't viable. Also, see the discussion page.
16. Obviously these enhancements would have to be disabled for shabbos or Yom Tov use. Many refrigerators have a light bulb that goes on when the door is opened. The bulb must be loosened or removed before shabbos. Alternatively, one could stick a piece of strong adhesive tape over the control knob, which will prevent the light from being switched
17. The shabbos App was a proposed Android app claimed by its creators to enable Jews to permissibly use a smartphone to text on Shabbat. Developers stated that the application would be released in December 2014, but the app was delayed and eventually never released.
18. May one use a peeler to peel fruits and vegetables on Shabbos? Inedible peels: Those fruits and vegetable which majority of people do not eat together with the peel, and it is rather removed and discarded prior to eating, according to all opinions, it is [Biblically] forbidden to use a peeler to remove the peel on shabbos. This applies even if one intends to do so in order to eat the food

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