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Looking for sentences with "Sessile"? Here are some examples.

1. We walked on past sessile oaks and bilberry patches downhill until we reached the valley
2. Most are after all sessile non-moving creatures formed into an intricate tapestry of living organisms often closely interwoven with one another
3. Wood warblers are another typical bird of sessile oak woods
4. If placed too close to any other sessile invertebrates they are quite capable of killing and overtaking them
5. Flowers pedicellate to nearly sessile
6. On colonoscopy a sessile polyp is seen below
7. These tumors may be sessile or pedunculated
8. A sessile leaf has no petiole
9. Objective To resect colorectal flat sessile polyps by endoscopic polypectomy safely and effectively
10. The Bryozoa is a group of small sessile filter-feeding aquatic colonial animals
11. Leaves sessile or shortly petiolate petiole to mm; perianth tube not pubescent inside
12. sessile infiltrative TCC showed circumscribed or diffused thickening of the renal pelvis and calyces morose
13. A new worm-reactor consisting of free-swimming and sessile worm growing sections was developed to be habitat for worm stable growth
14. The shell of a sessile barnacle is attached directly to a substrate
15. Methods: sessile polyps were removed piecemeal and pedunculated polyps transected at stalk
16. The basic principle of measuring spreading coefficients sessile drop method has been introduced
17. Leaves alternate sessile terete fleshy base expanded apex obtuse or aristate awned; leaf axil fascicular pilose
18. The leaves had distinct short stalks a clue that it was a sessile oak
19. Pied-fly numbers have increased dramatically since nest box provision has become widespread practice in the sessile oak woods they prefer
20. Macroscopically the appearance of an osteochondroma is of a sessile or pedunculated mass capped with cartilage
21. This is a small variant apparently of local distribution distinguished mainly by the hairy upper glume of the sessile spikelet
22. Objective To evaluate the clinical value of argon plasma coagulation APC in the gastrointestinal sessile flat polyps and bleeding after polypectomy or biopsy
23. Conclusion:PPH is a simple safe effective method with minimal invasion and few complications for rectal sessile polyp
24. In this study the contact angle between liquid iron and single crystal magnesium oxide substrate was measured by the sessile drop technique at constant oxygen partial pressure and temperature
25. The content angle of the aluminium alloy on ash was measured by improved sessile drop technique
26. Culms up to m; upper glume of sessile spikelet thinly pilose
27. Inflorescence composed of several slender loosely spiculate racemes spaced along a central axis spikelets paired but the sessile spikelet often reduced
28. The basic principle of measuring spreading coefficients by the large sessile drop method has been introduced
29. Predaceous gastropods reduced the abundance of herbivorous molluscs and sessile invertebrates
30. sessile definition is - attached directly by the base : not raised upon a stalk or peduncle. How to use sessile in a sentence.
31. Example sentences from the Web for sessile Amphipods, am′fi-pods, n. an order of small sessile -eyed crustaceans—a familiar example is the sand-hopper. Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) | Various The spores are arranged in beaded threads in sessile conceptacles on the marginal leaflets.
32. sessile infiltrative TCC showed circumscribed or diffused thickening of the renal pelvis and calyces morose : 13. A new worm-reactor consisting of free-swimming and sessile worm growing sections was developed to be habitat for worm stable growth: 14. The shell of a sessile barnacle is attached directly to a substrate: 15.
33. Synonyms for sessile include attached, fixed, immobile, stationary, static, motionless, still, unmoving, transfixed and nonmoving. Find more similar words at
34. Definition of sessile in the D dictionary. Meaning of sessile. What does sessile mean? Information and translations of sessile in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
35. sessile polyps grow flat on the tissue lining the organ. sessile polyps can blend in with the lining of the organ, so they’re sometimes tricky to find and treat. sessile polyps are considered
36. The sessile drop technique is a method used for the characterization of solid surface energies, and in some cases, aspects of liquid surface energies.The main premise of the method is that by placing a droplet of liquid with a known surface energy, the shape of the drop, specifically the contact angle, and the known surface energy of the liquid are the parameters which can be used to calculate
37. The term sessile refers to an organism that is anchored to a substrate and cannot move about freely. For example, a sessile alga that lives on a rock (its substrate). Another example is a barnacle that lives on the bottom of a ship. Mussels and coral polyps are also examples of sessile organisms.
38. Colon Pathology Understanding Your Pathology Report: Colon Polyps (sessile or Traditional Serrated Adenomas) When your colon was biopsied, the samples taken were studied under the microscope by a specialized doctor with many years of training called a pathologist.
39. A sessile polyp is one that is flat and does not have a stalk. For this reason, sessile polyps can be more challenging to find and remove during a colonoscopy, which is a procedure that looks at the inside of the colon. A pedunculated polyp is one that has a stalk and looks more like a mushroom.
40. Doctors find and remove polyps during colonoscopy. About 85 percent of polyps are “sessile”: dome-shaped, without a stalk. About 13 percent of polyps are “pedunculated,” hanging from the colon wall on a stalk like a cherry on a stem. About 2 percent of precancerous lesions are flat.
41. Sessility is the biological property of an organism describing its lack of a means of self-locomotion. sessile organisms for which natural motility is absent are normally immobile. This is distinct from the botanical meaning of sessility, which refers to an organism or biological structure attached directly by its base without a stalk.
42. Sessility definition is - the state of being sessile. Love words? You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that’s only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.. Start your free trial today and get unlimited access to America's largest dictionary, with: . More than 250,000 words that aren't in our free dictionary
43. In this context and taking into account the need for preserving high proportions (minimum 60-70%) of sessile oak trees in Romanian mixed stands, the paper aims at characterising the dynamics of the process of natural mortality in two sessile oak-dominated stands including tree species with different light requirements (either hornbeam as moderate shade-tolerant or Hungarian oak and Turkey oak
44. sessile polyp is a type of polyp without a stalk and is fixed to the lining of the colon by large base. This polyp affects the upper part of your colon and is not easily detected. sessile polyp is precancerous and can become malignant over time 5, 7. Other types of colon polyps include: Polypoid polyps and flat polyps.
45. Define sessile. sessile synonyms, sessile pronunciation, sessile translation, English dictionary definition of sessile. sessile sessile leaf Biology adj. 1. Permanently attached or fixed; not free-moving: sessile marine invertebrates. 2. Stalkless and attached directly at the
46. Sessile; Serrated; In general, the larger an adenoma, the more likely it is to become cancer. Symptoms. Most colon polyps don’t cause symptoms. You probably won’t know you have one unless a
47. sessile serrated adenoma/polyp or sessile serrated polyp (SSP), hyperplastic polyp (HP) 10 mm, traditional serrated adenoma (TSA), or CRC was found. We consider use of the term high-risk adenoma, with some using this term as a synonym for advanced neoplasia (Table 3).

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