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1. Serpentinize [ sur-p uhn- tee-nahyz ] verb (used with object), ser·pen·tin·ized, ser·pen·tin·iz·ing.Mineralogy

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2. Serpentinize definition is - to convert (a magnesian silicate) into serpentine

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3. How to use Serpentinize in a sentence.

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4. Definition of Serpentinize in the dictionary

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5. What does Serpentinize mean? Information and translations of Serpentinize in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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6. Detailed field and mineralogical studies suggest that these rocks were probably formed by talc-carbonate alteration of the spatially associated, previously Serpentinized ultramafic rocks in the area

Studies, Suggest, Spatially, Strong, Serpentinized

7. Fluids from the descending plate hydrate (Serpentinize) the forearc mantle and enable serpentinite muds to rise along faults to the seafloor

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8. Serpentinize - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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9. Alternative form of Serpentinize

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10. Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verbs serpent, serpentine, serpentinise, Serpentinize and serpentize which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts

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11. Serpentinize definitions (geology, mineralogy) To convert (another magnesium silicate mineral) into serpentine.

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12. Found 668 sentences matching phrase "to Serpentinize".Found in 15 ms

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13. What is the definition of Serpentinize? What is the meaning of Serpentinize? How do you use Serpentinize in a sentence? What are synonyms for Serpentinize?

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14. At forearc depths, carbon-bearing meta-sediments and AOC release significant amounts of fluids (Gorman et al., 2006) that flux and Serpentinize peridotite along the subduction interface and overlying mantle wedge (T < ∼ 650 °C; Fig

Sediments, Significant, Strong, Serpentinize, Subduction

15. Over several tens of millions of years estimated fluid fluxes from the subducting plate are sufficient to Serpentinize the entire forearc mantle wedge

Several, Subducting, Sufficient, Strong, Serpentinize

16. Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 195 recovered Serpentinized peridotites that present a unique opportunity to study the products of shallow level exchanges between the

Serpentinized, Study, Shallow

17. (Serpentinize) the forearc mantle and enable serpentinite muds to rise along faults to the seafloor

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18. This is a reference page for Serpentinize verb forms in present, past and participle tenses

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19. Find conjugation of Serpentinize

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20. Check past tense of Serpentinize here.

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21. , Serpentinize n the seafloor a o tectonic exhu ensively altere rbonation and oxides, and sul elemen and M Halas, 1990; F and Springer-V 20 ry 2020 on of Calcite V ean: Implicatio

Strong, Serpentinize, Seafloor, Sul, Springer, Scienc

22. Very deep (up to 50 km) earthquakes related to normal faulting on the outer trench rise may allow seawater to infiltrate and Serpentinize mantle at much greater depths in the lithosphere than would be expected to otherwise occur [Peacock, 2001]

Seawater, Strong, Serpentinize

23. 67 0 Serpentinize d peridotites, croppin g ou t jus t a fe w kilometer s awa y fro m th e axia l volcani c ridge, help s t o explai n

Strong, Serpentinize

24. Hyndman & Peacock (2003), as well as Fryer & Fryer (1987), proposed that early in the history of IBM subduction, sufficient water was released from subducting oceanic crust and sediments to hydrate, and possibly Serpentinize the entire forearc mantle

Subduction, Sufficient, Subducting, Sediments, Strong, Serpentinize

25. Fluids from the descending plate hydrate (Serpentinize) the forearc mantle and enable serpentinite muds to rise along faults to the seafloor

Strong, Serpentinize, Serpentinite, Seafloor

26. The degree of serpentinization is important since olivine is the first phase to Serpentinize while orthopyroxene is more stable and thus relatively more brucite is formed at depth (Schwarzenbach et al

Serpentinization, Since, Strong, Serpentinize, Stable, Schwarzenbach

27. Water generated by reaction 4 is available to Serpentinize olivine via reactions 2 and 3, while the concurrent consumption of H 2 promotes Fe oxidation via reaction 3, thus contributing to the alteration of olivine

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28. Deep faults, penetrating to the subduction channel , provide pathways for fluids from the down-going plate to hydrate and Serpentinize the forearc mantle [4,5,24–26]

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29. Hydration of the plutonic crust and Serpentinize the upper mantle, leading to significant production of CH 4 and H 2 that provide important energy sources for micro-bial activity (Fig

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30. I would always succeed to a degree, but it was never possible to completely de-Serpentinize the sliders; the result would remain ever so slightly more hinky than when I started

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31. As a verb Serpentinize is (geologymineralogy) to convert (another magnesium silicate mineral) into serpentine

Strong, Serpentinize, Silicate, Serpentine

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does serpentinous mean?

    Definition of serpentinous. : relating to, consisting of, or resembling serpentine serpentinous rocks serpentinous gangue mineral.

    What does serpentine mean?

    a cannon having any of various bore sizes, used from the 15th to the 17th century. Skating. a school figure made by skating two figure eights that share one loop. verb (used without object), ser·pen·tined, ser·pen·tin·ing. to make or follow a winding course: The stream serpentines through the valley. Think you remember last week’s words?

    How to use serpentine in a sentence?

    More Example Sentences Learn More about serpentine Did You Know? A snake moves by curving and winding along the ground. Roads through the Pyrenees, the mountains that separate Spain from France, tend to be serpentine, curving back and forth on themselves up and down the steep slopes. Serpentine has other meanings as well.

    What is the adjective for serpent?

    adjective of, characteristic of, or resembling a serpent, as in form or movement. having a winding course, as a road; sinuous. shrewd, wily, or cunning.

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