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1. Segmentary synonyms, Segmentary pronunciation, Segmentary translation, English dictionary definition of Segmentary

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2. ‘The tribal Segmentary system thus fosters an ethic of egalitarianism with its expression found in the members of the corporate patrilineal descent groups.’ ‘These so-called Segmentary systems are organised around a principle of opposition.’

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3. Definition of Segmentary in the dictionary

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4. What does Segmentary mean? Information and translations of Segmentary in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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5. In Segmentary lineages, (descendents of) close kin stand together against more distant kin: (descendents of) brothers are allied against (descendents of) cousins, cousins against second cousins etc

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6. A Segmentary lineage society is characterized by the organization of the society into segments; what is often referred to as a tribal society.

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7. Segmentary nomads will therefore tend to conquer Segmentary agriculturalists

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8. But as soon as a group gains control over this Segmentary society and this society is centrally ruled by a leader, it is a 'Segmentary state'

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9. Segmentary societies forms of STATELESS SOCIETY, whose fundamental mode of social organization is a lineage system in which descent group membership is defined in terms of, sometimes notional, common ancestors (apical ancestor)

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10. Segmentary societies tend to be agricultural societies living in small discrete areas of a larger identifiable territory.

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11. Segmentary: Segmental; pertaining to or indicating segments: especially noting in entomology colored bands, rings, or other marks on the abdomen, corresponding to successive segments, as …

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12. Ambivalence is a notable property of Segmentary lineage systems

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13. In this regard, it is easy to show that Segmentary genealogical representations are linked with an emotional economy of love and hate

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14. Segmentary societies See ACEPHALOUS

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15. Source for information on Segmentary societies: A Dictionary of Sociology dictionary.

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16. Synonyms for Segmentary in Free Thesaurus

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17. Segmentary Opposition and the Theory of Games: a Study of Pathan Organization

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18. Segmentary Descent: Descent Lines

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19. Segmentary Lineages-- Brian Schwimmer; Ancient Hebrew Lineage

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20. Collectively they formed a Segmentary hierarchy that transcended the boundaries of local ethnic polities and provided the basis for empires like that of the Incas

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21. SAHLINS] The Segmentary Lineage and Predatory Expansion 325 A tribe is a segmental organization.It is composed of a number of equiva- lent, unspecialized multifamily groups, each the structural duplicate of the other: a tribe is a congeries of equal kin group blocs.

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22. Segmentary renal veins may drain directly into the gonadal vein

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23. For Segmentary lineage societies each sub-group is a segment

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24. We test for a link between Segmentary lineage organization and conflict across ethnic groups in sub‐Saharan Africa

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25. Using a number of estimation strategies, including a regression discontinuity design at ethnic boundaries, we find that Segmentary lineage societies experience more conflicts, and particularly ones that are retaliatory, long in

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26. Segmentary lineage groups experience approximately double the number of conflict incidents compared to groups without Segmentary lineages

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27. Segmentary lineage groups experience approximately double the number of conflict incidents compared to groups without Segmentary lineages

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28. Segmentary state was the concept coined to fit Alur society into the theory of political anthropology of the 1940s

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29. Fortes and Evans-Pritchard made the first giant step in the comparative analysis of African political systems, but supposedly centralized states and stateless Segmentary lineage systems were the only ones to receive full consideration.

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30. Evans-Pritchard, one of England’s foremost social anthropologists, especially known for his investigations of African cultures, for his exploration of Segmentary systems, and for his explanations of witchcraft and magic

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31. It draws on the concept of Segmentary opposition developed by Evans-Pritchard in his study of the Nuer political system and on the concept of vertical integration used in the study of both industrial relations and party structures in federal states.

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32. Objective: A comparative study of the peri-operative complications between two surgical methods used in the treatment of bowel endometriosis: shaving versus Segmentary colorectal resection

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33. Segmentary society Source: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology Author(s): Timothy Darvill [De]A social system comprising numerous relatively small autonomous groups who generally regulate their own affairs but who periodically come together to form larger groups and who, in some senses, may collectively appear to be a single large community.

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34. Evans-Pritchard - Diagram No. II - Segmentary Opposition

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35. In the traditional scapulohumeral rhythm, the share of the acromioclavicular (AC) and the sternoclavicular (SC) joint movements and also the role of AC internal rotation angle are unknown.The main purpose of this study was to measure and compare the Segmentary

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36. Segmentary: segmentaire: Translations: 1 – 1 / 1

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37. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a renal disease characterized by sclerotic Segmentary lesions, involving a few glomeruli

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38. The Segmentary tribal society must be changed if power as persuasion is to be given its due, and, furthermore, that the Somali case is not isolated in the ethnography of the region but exemplifies a more general phenomenon

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39. The Segmentary State is an anthropological model developed by Southall

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40. Southall describes the Segmentary State as a state where the spheres of ritual suzerainty and political sovereignty do …

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41. The concept of the Segmentary state was proposed by Southall, based on ethnographic fieldwork among the Alur people of Uganda, and subsequently applied elsewhere, notably to the putative ancient kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara

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42. Archaeological research, summarized here, has demonstrated that ancient Bunyoro-Kitara was not a Segmentary state; indeed, neither was the political system of the Alur.

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43. "Segmentary Lineage Organization and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa." Supplementary Materials here

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44. Http:// What is Segmentary LINEAGE? What does Segmentary LINEAGE mean? Segmentary LINEAGE meaning - Segmentary LINEAGE defin

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45. 1967 "The Segmentary Lineage: An Organization of Predatory Expansion," in COMPARATIVE POLITICAL SYSTEMS

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46. The further nomads are from the settled life of a state, the more they rely on kin-based, Segmentary, balance-of-power principles to keep order

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47. So even after settlement, Bedouin preserve classic Segmentary kinship ideology as a kind of “social structure in …

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48. Congenital cystic Segmentary dilatation of the intrahepatic biliary ducts is a rare disease

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SEGMENTARY [segmentary]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does segmentary mean?

Define segmentary. segmentary synonyms, segmentary pronunciation, segmentary translation, English dictionary definition of segmentary. segment n. 1. Any of the parts into which something can be divided: segments of the community; a segment of a television program.

What is a segmentary lineage society?

(January 2010) A segmentary lineage society has equivalent parts ("segments") held together by shared values. A segmentary lineage society is a type of tribal society . A close family is usually the smallest and closest segment and will generally stand together.

What is the definition of segments?

n. 1. one of the parts into which something is divided; a division, portion, or section. 2. Geom. a. a part cut off from a figure, esp. a circular or spherical one, by a line or plane. b. a finite section of a line. 3. an object, as a machine part, having the form of a segment or sector of a circle. 4. to separate or divide into segments.

What is segmentary opposition?

Segmentary opposition. A way of organizing descent groups that is found particularly in Northern and Eastern Africa (some of the most famous examples, e.g. the Nuer of Southern Sudan (Evans-Pritchard 1940), are pastoral nomads).

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