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1. Seedy looking stool in adults Seedy stool in adults Mucus and blood in stool in adults Teething symptoms seedy stools Stools that are seedy Green sticky stool adult

Seedy, Stool, Symptoms, Stools, Sticky

2. The Greek for Seedy looking is ξεπεσμένος


3. HQ is a sad mailbox store in a Seedy looking stripmall in Las Vegas? My guess is this "company" (a guy in a garage) is buying bulk quercetin (and other compounds to sell) from who knows where (china), and cutting it, packaging it and selling it here

Sad, Store, Seedy, Stripmall, Sell, Selling

4. The Dock: Seedy looking - See 228 traveler reviews, 25 candid photos, and great deals for Montauk, NY, at Tripadvisor.

Seedy, See

5. Kinda Seedy looking but its clean


6. This Seedy looking block of stores includes a Pawn Shop, Liquor Store, Tattoo Parlor and Bar

Seedy, Stores, Shop, Store

7. Crockett throwing beer from a glass to a dancing informant's shoes after the informant had declared that his feet are on fire Zito, after Rodriguez asks him and Switek to take part in a burglary sting operation that required two Seedy looking

Shoes, Switek, Sting, Seedy

8. Prosperous looking gentleman or a Seedy looking bum to the $5 window, the choice would be obvious


9. 20, she described the Nazi defendants as a “a Seedy looking lot

She, Seedy

10. Un-pruned plants can get Seedy looking and thin easily as this photo shows

Seedy, Shows

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sentence using the word seedy?

Use seedy in a sentence. Sign over a seedy motel. adjective. The definition of seedy is something shabby, ailing or sordid, or something with many seeds. A gross hotel that rents rooms by the hour and that has old dirty carpet, worn rooms, and soiled linens is an example of a seedy building.

What does it mean to describe a seedy person?

If you describe a person or place as seedy, you disapprove of them because they look dirty and untidy, or they have a bad reputation. Frank ran dodgy errands for a seedy local villain. We were staying in a seedy hotel close to the red light district. They suck you in to their seedy world.

What does seedie mean?

Definition of seedy. 1 : containing or full of seeds a seedy fruit. 2 : inferior in condition or quality: such as. a : shabby, run-down seedy clothes.

What does si.di mean?

uk ​ /ˈsiː.di/ us ​ /ˈsiː.di/. › looking dirty or in bad condition and likely to be involved in dishonest or illegal activities:

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