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1. Seedier meaning Comparative form of seedy: more seedy.

Strong, Seedier, Seedy

2. Seedier definition: → seedy Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Strong, Seedier, Seedy

3. There never was a Seedier lot round a table in a gambling hell

Strong, Seedier

4. THE LETTERS OF CICERO, VOLUME 1 MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO The Marriage went wrong, and wrong—an' Sir 'Ugh agettin' Seedier an' Seedier every day.

Sir, Strong, Seedier

5. Definition of Seedier in the dictionary

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6. Information and translations of Seedier in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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7. Seedier 'Seedier' is a 7 letter word starting with S and ending with R Crossword clues for 'Seedier' Clue Answer; Much less upscale (7) Seedier: Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Seedier

Strong, Seedier, Starting, Synonyms

8. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Seedier will help you to finish your crossword today

Synonyms, Strong, Seedier

9. This "Shitty" Travel Guide Offers A Look At The Seedier Sides of Europe As an antidote to overtourism, "Shitty Guide" only showcases the weird, trashy, and shitty.

Shitty, Strong, Seedier, Sides, Showcases

10. Word unscrambler results Unscramble letters Seedier Words made from letters Seedier

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11. Unscrambled words made from anagrams of Seedier

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12. We have unscrambled the letters Seedier (deeeirs) to make a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words with friends and Text Twist and other similar word games

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13. `You're looking Seedier than usual, Bruce,' he said, lighting up some dreadful brand of menthol cigarette he liked to smoke

Strong, Seedier, Said, Some, Smoke

14. Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT ( 2002 ) She was in a slightly quieter Seedier street now, and looked around nervously, wondering where to start.

She, Slightly, Strong, Seedier, Street, Start

15. Especially in "Seedier" neighborhoods, a lot of people don't have cars, and even those who have access to a car may prefer to walk to the store if they've already had a few

Strong, Seedier, Store

16. I am totally with you on shopping in the "Seedier" thrift shops.

Shopping, Strong, Seedier, Shops

17. Trial offers a rare glimpse of the Seedier side of Rhode Island politics Edward Fitzpatrick 10/6/2020

Strong, Seedier, Side

18. Seedier is a Wild Ale style beer brewed by Bissell Brothers Brewing Co

Strong, Seedier, Style

19. Seedier definition: morally degraded synonyms: sleazy, seamy, squalid, disreputable, sordid antonyms: reputable, unplanted, pointless, healthy, fit

Strong, Seedier, Synonyms, Sleazy, Seamy, Squalid, Sordid

20. Usage examples of "Seedier"

Strong, Seedier

21. I could turn up at every course where Humber had a runner, looking Seedier and Seedier and more and more ready to take any job at all, and one day the lad-hungry stable would take the bait.

Strong, Seedier, Stable

22. An hour later, I was checked into the Airport Ramada, the Seedier of the two airport hotels.

Strong, Seedier

23. Matthew had an appetite for some of the Seedier bordellos and gaming halls in the

Some, Strong, Seedier

24. Overhauls the Eight Plates - now Seedier, more atmospheric, a little grimmer, and a whole lot more interesting

Strong, Seedier

25. Antonyms for Seedier include classier, posher, ritzier, smarter, swankier, swisher, cleaner, better, neater and nicer

Strong, Seedier, Smarter, Swankier, Swisher

26. Seedier 750mL Bottle (Milo/Bangor) $ 24.05

Strong, Seedier

27. That the audience of "Forever Crazy" is so different from the Seedier clientele of Maameltein's other strip joints is a testament to the position Crazy Horse holds as a linchpin of Paris' tourist circuit, with all the respectability and glamor this confers.

So, Strong, Seedier, Strip

28. Displayed in banners at Tampa International Airport, area hotels and on billboards along Tampa Bay's interstates are reminders of the Seedier side of the Super Bowl.

Strong, Seedier, Side, Super

29. Neil Diamond The Very Best FOR most of us, the image we have of Neil Diamond is some rhinestone-encrusted crooner at the Seedier end of Las Vegas singing Sweet Caroline

Strong, Some, Seedier, Singing, Sweet

30. ALBUMS; singles and albums with Rick Fulton Its cheekychappie chirpiness would transmute over the years into the Seedier approach of Guy Ritchie's mockney malarkeys.

Singles, Seedier

31. Seedier is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 8 points. Seedier is a 7 letter medium Word starting with S and ending with R

Strong, Seedier, Starting

32. 6 letter Words made out of Seedier 1)

Strong, Seedier

33. Even Seedier Eight Plates VIsual overhaul of the Eight Plates tavern in Balmora, combined with the NPC and dialogue overhaul Back to top #2 Amgot Posted 22 January 2021 - 10:58 PM

Strong, Seedier

34. Words created with Seedier, words starting with Seedier, words start Seedier

Strong, Seedier, Starting, Start

35. “For chewy, classic bagels and bialys, this flour always provides enough chew, and it helps give a healthy rise to whole-grain and Seedier breads.

Strong, Seedier

36. Despite the evolution of the city's sophisticated nightlife, its Seedier neighborhoods continue to offer what many tourists consider an essential Bangkok experience

Sophisticated, Strong, Seedier

37. Seedier and sleazier as night wears on

Strong, Seedier, Sleazier

38. When young female celebrities become adults, the Seedier side of society takes note

Strong, Seedier, Side, Society

39. Displayed in banners at Tampa International Airport, area hotels and on billboards along Tampa Bay's interstates are reminders of the Seedier side of the Super Bowl

Strong, Seedier, Side, Super

40. The Seedier side of fur and fun By Patrick Hruby Special to Page 2: And you thought base jumpers, coal miners and NFL wedge busters had it rough.

Strong, Seedier, Side, Special

41. Keep Tabs on the Progressively "Seedier" DuPont More and more DuPont is being led by its agriculture unit, a positive trend in cyclical times.

Strong, Seedier

42. Even Seedier Eight Plates; Even Seedier Eight Plates

Strong, Seedier

43. Prior to Forbes I was at the Philadelphia CityPaper, where I learned more than any girl ever needs to know about the city's Seedier trades

Strong, Seedier

44. The London Graveyard That’s Become a Memorial for the City’s Seedier Past Thousands of bodies from London’s first red light district are buried beneath a lot in the South Bank, an area under

Strong, Seedier, South

45. This was her only foray into the Seedier side of the film industry, and Quigley hasn’t entertained the idea of participating in the erotic market since her solo scene

Strong, Seedier, Side, Since, Solo, Scene

46. Morningside students investigate Seedier side of Sioux City's past Earl Horlyk Jun 3, 2018 Jun 3, 2018; Return to homepage × Please subscribe to keep reading

Students, Strong, Seedier, Side, Sioux, Subscribe

47. The crime boss entertains the idea, on the condition that Devlin end his human trafficking endeavors and his vendetta with the police, which has brought unwanted attention to Dublin’s Seedier

Strong, Seedier

48. Antenocitis Workshop Ltd is raising funds for Undertown - The Seedier side of the 'sphere

Strong, Seedier, Side, Sphere

49. COMMENTARY: Social media 'deplatforming purge' will make internet even Seedier By Yaël Ossowski May 9, 2019 May 9, 2019; 0 {{featured_button_text}} Facebook Facebook; Twitter

Strong, Social, Seedier

50. The orphaned daughter of a prosperous merchant, she is searching the Seedier districts of London for her young brother, abducted by their evil guardian, who wants the little boy's inheritance

She, Searching, Strong, Seedier

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SEEDIER [ˈsēdē]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is seed an adjective?

adjective, seed·i·er, seed·i·est. abounding in seed. containing many seeds, as a piece of fruit. gone to seed; bearing seeds. poorly kept; run-down; shabby. shabbily dressed; unkempt: a seedy old tramp. physically run-down; under the weather: He felt a bit seedy after his operation.

What does seeder mean?

The Collaborative International Dictionary. Seedier. Seedy Seed"y, a. [Compar. Seedier; superl. Seediest.] Abounding with seeds; bearing seeds; having run to seeds. Having a peculiar flavor supposed to be derived from the weeds growing among the vines; -- said of certain kinds of French brandy.

What does seedy mean?

abounding in seed. containing many seeds, as a piece of fruit. gone to seed; bearing seeds. poorly kept; run-down; shabby. shabbily dressed; unkempt: a seedy old tramp. physically run-down; under the weather: He felt a bit seedy after his operation. somewhat disreputable; degraded: a seedy hotel. "EVERYDAY" VS.

What does seeded mean?

1. (of a plant) to produce seed. A plant seeds after it has flowered. 2. in golf, tennis etc, to arrange (good players) in a competition so that they do not compete against each other till the later rounds. having been seeded. a seeded player. a young plant just grown from a seed. Don't walk on the lettuce seedlings!

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