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1. English Language Learners Definition of Schism formal : a division among the members of a group that occurs because they disagree on something See the full definition for Schism in the English …

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2. Schism noun division, break, split, breach, separation, rift, splintering, rupture, discord, disunion The church seems to be on the brink of Schism. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition

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3. In the early church, “Schism” was used to describe those groups that broke with the church and established rival churches. The term originally referred to those divisions that were caused by disagreement over something other than basic doctrine

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4. In prism, Schism the m may have syllabic value; it then does the work usually performed by a vowel. THE SOUNDS OF SPOKEN ENGLISH WALTER RIPPMANN In the sixteenth century the Schism long anticipated took place

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5. This split is known as the Great Schism, or sometimes the “East-West Schism” or the “Schism of 1054.” The Great Schism came about due to a complex mix of religious disagreements and political conflicts.

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6. The Crossword Solver found 31 answers to the Schism crossword clue

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7. Q: Schism's damage amp apply only to Priest spells or is it all damage effects (trinkets, consumables, procs, etc)? Schism currently applies to all damage dealt by the Priest.

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8. The definition of a Schism is a split of a group into different sections as a result of a difference in beliefs. When members of a church congregation disagree and divide into two separate churches based on their different beliefs, this is an example of a Schism.

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9. The East–West Schism (also the Great Schism or Schism of 1054) is the break of communion since the 11th century between the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches

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10. The Schism was the culmination of theological and political differences which had developed during the preceding centuries between Eastern and Western Christianity.

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11. Schism (from the Greek Schisma, rent, division) is, in the language of theology and canon law, the rupture of ecclesiastical union and unity, i.e

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12. In a church (Definition of Schism from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


13. Schism (dictionary): A split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief

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14.Schism” by ToolListen to Tool: The New Album “Fear Inoculum” Available Now: Listen to TOOL

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15. 33 synonyms of Schism from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 66 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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16. Schism: a lack of agreement or harmony.

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17. "Schism" is a song by American rock band Tool.It was the first single and music video from their third full-length album, Lateralus.In 2002, Tool won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the song

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18. " Schism" was released as a DVD single on December 20, 2005

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19. Western Schism, in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, the period from 1378 to 1417, when there were two, and later three, rival popes, each with his own following, his own Sacred College of Cardinals, and his own administrative offices

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20. Learn about the history and resolution of the Western Schism.

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21. "Schism" is a song by American alternative metal / progressive metal band Tool

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22. ‘A dangerous Schism in the Russian party developed with the emergence of the view known as Economism.’ ‘The author outlines both the commonalities that define science fiction fandom and the tensions and Schisms within the community, focusing on participants in organized clubs, amateur publications, and conventions.’

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23. Instead, the majority of the story arc takes place in the five-issue limited series X-Men: Schism

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24. "X-Men: Schism" is a 2011 crossover comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics featuring the X-Men, consisting of a five-issue miniseries written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco (issue #1), Frank Cho (issue #2), Daniel Acuña (issue #3), Alan Davis (issue #4) and Adam Kubert (issue #5).

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25. Schism does a marvelous job of retracing the past few decades of the bilateral trade relations, starting with China's WTO efforts, and including a discussion of US efforts on RMB issues, China industrial policy, and the various efforts regarding trade remedies.

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26. Schism (Triad, Book I) is the tenth novel in Catherine Asaro's multiple-award-winning Skolian saga, and represents an excellent entry point into the series

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27. Schism definition: When there is a Schism , a group or organization divides into two groups as a result of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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28. The Western Schism, also called Papal Schism, Great Occidental Schism and Schism of 1378 (Latin: Magnum Schisma occidentale, Ecclesiae occidentalis Schisma), was a split within the Catholic Church lasting from 1378 to 1417 in which two men (by 1410 three) simultaneously claimed to be the true pope, and each excommunicated the other

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29. Schism: 1 n division of a group into opposing factions “another Schism like that and they will wind up in bankruptcy” Synonyms: split Type of: division the act or process of dividing n the formal separation of a church into two churches or the withdrawal of one group over doctrinal differences Examples: Great Schism the period from 1378 to

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30. ‘A dangerous Schism in the Russian party developed with the emergence of the view known as Economism.’ ‘The author outlines both the commonalities that define science fiction fandom and the tensions and Schisms within the community, focusing on participants in organized clubs, amateur publications, and conventions.’

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31. What you're feeling isn't darkness, it's a Schism

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32. You're at war with two sides of yourself." —Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen "Schism" is the twenty-third and final episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the ninety-second episode overall

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33. In this way, the standard 12/8 time signature is split into two parts, a "Schism," thus the theme of the music matches the theme that the lyrics are based on

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34. Schism (n.) late 14c., scisme, "dissension within the church," from Old French scisme, cisme "a cleft, split" (12c.), from Church Latin Schisma, from Greek skhisma (genitive skhismatos) "division, cleft," in New Testament applied metaphorically to divisions in the Church (I Corinthians xii.25), from stem of skhizein "to split" (from PIE root *skei-"to cut, split").

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35. Schismatic definition, of, relating to, or of the nature of Schism; guilty of Schism

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36. "Schism" is a wonderfully crafted spy novel

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37. The Great Schism of 1054 marked the first major split in the history of Christianity, separating the Orthodox Church in the East from the Roman Catholic Church in the West

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38. Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons writes that the United Methodist Church's proposed Schism over whether to grant gay marriages and allow LGBTQ in …

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39. Schismatic synonyms, Schismatic pronunciation, Schismatic translation, English dictionary definition of Schismatic

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40. Of, relating to, or engaging in Schism

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41. One who promotes or engages in Schism

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42. Schism church in germany Edward Pentin Edward Pentin began reporting on the Pope and the Vatican with Vatican Radio before moving on to …

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43. It was the first time Francis has spoken so openly about the possibility of a Schism in the 1.3 billion worldwide Roman Catholic Church, albeit in answer to a question.

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44. A Schism is a formal break within the church, usually due to disputes over Catholic teaching

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45. “There have been many Schisms in the Church,” …


46. Now Schism is opposed to the good of the multitude, namely, ecclesiastical unity, whereas unbelief is contrary to the particular good of one man, namely the faith of an individual

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47. Therefore it seems that Schism is a graver sin than unbelief

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