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1. A Schisis is a coalescence of intraretinal microcysts that result in splitting of the neurosensory retina into an inner layer and an outer layer with splitting most commonly occurring at the …

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2. A completely blind area (scotoma) with a sharp edge in the area where splitting (Schisis) occurs is evident in the patient’s visual field

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3. The cause of acquired retinoSchisis is not known

4. Retinal Schisis is a splitting of the layers of the retina

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5. Cause: Retinal Schisis may be acquired with aging, or may be found in school age children as a congenital condition

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6. Symptoms: Retinal Schisis that is acquired rarely has noticeable symptoms

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7. RetinoSchisis occurs when a separation (Schisis) develops between the two major layers of the retina, creating a blister-like elevation that can be confused with a true retinal detachment

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8. RetinoSchisis usually occurs in the far periphery of the retina and resembles a clear dome that is sometimes difficult to photograph with a retinal camera.


9. RetinoSchisis refers to the separation of the layers of the retina


10. RetinoSchisis is a condition that occurs when the retina splits into two layers, affecting vision


11. RetinoSchisis is an eye condition that affects your retina

12. Senile RetinoSchisis, also called degenerative retinoSchisis or acquired retinoSchisis.


13. Schisis is most often in the macular, but extension into the periphery occurs in more than half of patients 12)

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14. The bullous retinoSchisis may improve over time

15. Schisis is derived from the Greek word meaning splitting, describing the splitting of the retinal layers from each other

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16. However, Schisis is a word fragment, and the term retinoSchisis should be used, as should the term iridoSchisis when describing splitting of the iris.

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17. Combined retinoSchisis and retinal detachment occurs in up to 6% of eyes that have retinoSchisis.1 These detachments typically are associated with outer wall holes within the Schisis.1 In reality, both inner and outer wall holes may be necessary for a retinal detachment to occur, although usually only an outer layer break can be identified

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18. Schisis association describes the combination of two or more of the following anomalies: neural tube defects (e.g

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19. What does Schisis mean? (medicine) Separation, cleft

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20. Schisis (plural schises) separation, cleft

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21. Traboulsi (ed.), Genetic Diseases of the Eye, 2nd edition, page 137 In patients with associated maculopathy, OCT demonstrates a retinal detachment with a typical convex Schisis of the outer retinal layer in most patients

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22. Given lack of studies assessing peripapillary Schisis as a risk factor for conversion to glaucoma, but its known association with both suspects and glaucoma patients, glaucoma should be a differential diagnosis in the presence of peripapillary Schisis b

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23. Peripapillary Schisis in glaucoma patients may suggest higher progression rates c

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24. Wu Q et al 19 in 2011 have reported the occurrence of outer retinal Schisis, inner retinal Schisis, or compound Schisis (when it involved both areas) involving the foveal or …

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25. Foveal Schisis is the characteristic sign of XLRS and is present in 98–100% of cases

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26. 92,93 Although macular changes are present in almost all XLRS patients, the typical foveal Schisis, seen as a spokewheel pattern of folds radiating out from the fovea (Fig

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27. GastroSchisis (pronounced gas-troh-skee-sis) is a birth defect of the abdominal wall

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28. OCT: The Schisis occurs at the junction between the outer plexiform layer and inner nuclear layer of the neurosensory retina in the typical subtype[2]

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29. The height of the Schisis cavity will not shallow with scleral indentation[2].

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30. Er wordt een overzicht gegeven van de recente literatuur over de psychische gevolgen van Schisis op verschillende kinderleeftijden

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31. Oorzaken Schisis - ziektebeeld uitklapper, klik om te openen

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32. Meestal ontstaat Schisis door een combinatie van erfelijke factoren en invloeden van buitenaf tijdens de zwangerschap

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33. No treatment is available to halt the natural progression of Schisis formation in patients with X-linked juvenile retinoSchisis (XLRS)

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34. Myopic maculoSchisis (macular Schisis) is fairly uncommon in Melbourne and across the world

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35. Successive OCT examinations of a female patient with myopic macular Schisis

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36. Schisis detachment is seen only in cases of retinoSchisis and is always associated with an outer retinal break (Figure 4A)

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37. The outer retinal hole is a discontinuity in the outer layer of the split neurosensory retina and is usually attached to the RPE in isolated retinoSchisis


38. However, in Schisis detachment, fluid gains access to the

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39. Focal Schisis of the retinal nerve fiber layer (sRNFL) defects can occur within the papillomacular bundle

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40. En-face OCT images showed characteristic Schisis patterns in each retinal layer, which were represented by multiple hyporeflective holes in the parafoveal region in the GCL, a spoke-like pattern in the foveal region, a reticular pattern in the parafoveal region in the INL, and multiple hyporeflective polygonal cavities with partitions in the OPL.

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41. Schisis (Grieks voor spleet) is een aangeboren afwijking van het gezicht, die zich kenmerkt door een spleet of groef in bovenlip, kaak en/of gehemelte.De spleet kan zich beperken tot de bovenlip, maar kan ook doorlopen in de bovenkaak, en in de ernstigste gevallen in het hele gehemelte tot en met de huig.Ook een splijting van alleen het gehemelte of zelfs alleen maar van de huig komt voor.

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42. RetinoSchisis: [ ret″ĭ-nos´kĭ-sis ] splitting of the retina, occurring in the nerve fiber layer (in juvenile form), or in the external plexiform layer (in adult form).

Sis, Splitting

43. -Schisis answers are found in the Taber's Medical Dictionary powered by Unbound Medicine

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44. How to say Schisis in English? Pronunciation of Schisis with 2 audio pronunciations and more for Schisis.

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45. X-linked macular Schisis is a retinal disorder associated with a variety of clinical findings

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46. Foveal Schisis is seen in almost all of these patients and appears as a stellate spoke-like maculopathy.

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47. Translation for 'Schisis' in the free Dutch-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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48. SternoSchisis definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

Sternoschisis, Synonyms

49. Peripapillary Schisis is known to occur in various glaucoma entities namely primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), 1 normal-tension glaucoma, 2 pseudoexfoliation, 3 intermittent, and angle-closure

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50. X-linked juvenile retinoSchisis is a condition characterized by impaired vision that begins in childhood and occurs almost exclusively in males

51. Myopic foveoSchisis also referred to as myopic traction maculopathy or myopic macular Schisis is one of the major causes of visual loss in highly myopic eyes

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52. It is characterized by Schisis-like splitting of the retinal layers in the macula in an area of posterior staphyloma

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53. OCT examinations of patients with CXLRS reveal lamellar Schisis in areas of ophthalmoscopically normal macular retina in 82% of eyes with the clinical diagnosis of CXLRS

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54. Using both clinical examination and OCT, the authors were able to identify foveal, lamellar, and peripheral Schisis

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55. Schisis And Schisis Retinal Detachment - What to Do? moelost

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56. Macular Schisis and detachment secondary to large optic nerve head cup: a newly recognized syndrome amenable to vitrectomy

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57. Where Schisis was present, additional tension was provided to the buckle

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58. All Schisis or tractional detachments have been eliminated or significantly reduced

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59. Early macular thickening (“protoSchisis”) was often visible in the preoperative OCT images, but …

60. Myopic macular (foveal) Schisis is a relatively common finding in eyes with high myopia and the prevalence increases with the degree of myopia

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can schisis cavity recur?

    However, this is very rare (occurs in 0.05% of patients with retinoschisis). Treatment only needs to close the inner retinal break (can leave outer retinal break). The schisis cavity will likely recur, and they will have an absolute scotoma even if it does not.

    Is schisis a form of macular disease?

    However, schisis is a word fragment, and the term retinoschisis should be used, as should the term iridoschisis when describing splitting of the iris. If the retinoschisis involves the macula, then the high-resolution central area of vision used to view detail is lost, and this is one form of macular disease.

    What is retinal schisis?

    Retinal Schisis. Retinal schisis is a splitting of the layers of the retina. Retinal schisis may be acquired with aging, or may be found in school age children as a congenital condition.

    What does schisis mean?

    The word schisis may also combine with an anatomical prefix to denote a particular sort of clefting. From Ancient Greek σχίσις (schisis). A modern coinage used in medicine.

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