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1. Scarus definition is - a parrot fish (Sparisoma cretense) of the Mediterranean of excellent table quality and highly esteemed by the ancient Romans.

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2. The ember parrotfish (Scarus rubroviolaceus) occurs throughout the Indo-Pacific, but population genetic data indicate that larval export from Hawaii is an order of magnitude greater than import [60], and this ratio is even higher for the deepwater crimson jobfish Pristipomoides filamentosus [61] and the lollyfish sea cucumber Holothuria atra [62].

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3. Scarus synonyms, Scarus pronunciation, Scarus translation, English dictionary definition of Scarus

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4. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, Scarus - definition of Scarus by The Free Dictionary.

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5. Definition of Scarus in the dictionary

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6. What does Scarus mean? Information and translations of Scarus in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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7. Scarus was a crew member aboard the Black Pearl, serving under Captain Jack Sparrow, and, following his mutiny, Hector Barbossa

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8. Scarus became cursed along with the rest of Barbossa's crew when they stole the treasure from the Chest of Cortés at Isla de Muerta, and spent the following decade attempting to lift their curse

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9. Scarus is the fouth planet in the Crahel System and is a wild world

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10. Other articles where Scarus is discussed: migration: Other animals: …with the parrot fish (Scarus) have demonstrated a Sun compass reaction that may also occur in other fishes

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11. Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Family: Scaridae Parrotfishes Subfamily: Scarinae Genus: Scarus (See list of species below)

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12. Scarus quoyi was first described by Valenciennes in 1840

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13. The genus name Scarus comes from Latin

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14. Scarus rivulatus is a protogynous hermaphrodite, and individuals change sex from female to male during their life cycle

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15. Similar Species Initial phase individuals closely resemble those of Scarus globiceps and S

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16. Scarus psittacus, the common parrotfish, is a species of marine ray-finned fish, a parrotfish, in the family Scaridae.Other common names for this species include the palenose parrotfish, Batavian parrotfish and the rosy-cheek parrotfish.It has a wide distribution in the Indo-Pacific region where it is associated with coral reefs

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17. Scarus psittacus Forsskål, 1775 – Palenose parrotfish : Species: Scarus psittacuscaroli Curtiss, 1938 Species: Scarus quoyi Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1840 Species: Scarus rivulatus Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1840 Species: Scarus rubroviolaceus Bleeker, 1847 – bicolor parrotfish, loro bicolor

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18. Scarus (plural scari) A Mediterranean food fish (any of various Scaridae species); the parrotfish

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19. Species Scarus prasiognathos Green-throat parrotfish

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20. Species Scarus quoyi Quoy's parrotfish

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21. Species Scarus rivulatus Scribblefaced parrotfish

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22. Scarus rivulatus: information (1) Scarus rivulatus: pictures (2) Species Scarus rubroviolaceus Bicolor parrotfish.

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23. Ontogenetic changes in the diet of early post-settlement Scarus species (Pisces: Scaridae).Journal of Fish Biology 33: 213-219

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24. Captain Scarus and his entire company was lost to the warp during passage through the sector during The Pilgrimage

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25. Map of the Scarus Sector circa 402.M41

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26. What does Scarus mean? A Mediterranean food fish (Sparisoma Scarus); parrotfish

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27. Scarus Subfamily Scarinae Family Labridae Order Perciformes Class Actinopterygii Subphylum Vertebrata Phylum Chordata Kingdom Animalia; Size Range The species grows to 40 cm in length

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28. On the IUCN Red list of threatened species, the Scarus guacamaia is described as “Near Threatened” (IUCN, 2016)

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29. Scarus vetula have become one of the most important biological factors in the erosion of coral reefs

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30. Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Perciformes (Perch-likes) > Scaridae (Parrotfishes) > Scarinae Etymology: Scarus: Greek, skaros = a fish described by anciente writers as a parrot fish; 1601 (Ref

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31. Scarus vetula are usually found in the tropics parading along coral reefs within and around the Caribbean basin, but are limited only to relatively low water depth due their inability to cope with extremely strong currents (Boschung, 1983), also because this is where the stay amongst their food source

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32. The blue parrotfish (Scarus coeruleus) is a member of the parrotfish genus Scarus.It is found on coral reefs in shallow water in the tropical and subtropical parts of …

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33. Scarus’s house in Pompeii has been identified by a mosaic around the impluvium in the atrium which depicts four black and white urcei bearing Scarus’s promotional descriptions

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34. It is a testament to the wealth Scarus acquired

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35. Scarus iseri Name Synonyms Calliodon lineatus Bloch & Schneider, 1801 Callyodon iseri Bloch, 1789 Callyodon iserti Bloch, 1789 Callyodon margarita Fowler, 1917 Perca callyodon Walbaum, 1792 Scarus alternans Valenciennes, 1840 Scarus aracanga Günther, 1862 Scarus croicensis Bloch, 1790 Scarus diadema Valenciennes, 1840

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36. Scarus acutus Poey, 1860 : Scarus gnathodus (Poey, 1867) Scarus superbus Poey, 1860 : PseudoScarus gnathodus Poey, 1867 : Scarus cuzamilae Bean, 1891 : Scarus nigrescens Meek and Hildebrand, 1928 : Scarus roseiventer Fowler, 1944 : Common Name(s): queen parrotfish [English] loro reina [Spanish] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: valid

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37. Scarus coeruleus (Bloch, 1786) Blue parrotfish

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38. Shop Acme Furniture Scarus Bar Table online at

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39. Bring a stunning piece to your well decorated home with this Scarus industrial styled bar table

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40. Scarus Family Scaridae Order Perciformes Class Actinopterygii; Size Range The species grows to 1m in length and up to 6.5kg in weight

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41. Perspicillatus: Uhu (Maui rules) family Scaridae: Uhu uliuli and uhu ‘ahu‘ula (Maui rules) Chlorurus perspicillaus: Uhu ‘ele‘ele and uhu palukaluka (Maui rules) Scarus rubroviolaceus ‘Ukikiki (gindai) Pristipomoides zonatus ‘Ula‘ula (ehu) Etelis carbunculus ‘Ula

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42. Scarus: A fish of the genus Scarus

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43. Noun A fish of the genus Scarus.; noun [capitalized] [NL.(Gronovius, 1763; Forskål, 1775).] A genus of acanthopterygian fishes, of which the Scarus of the ancient Greeks and Romans is the oldest known species, giving name to the Scaridæ or Scarinæ, and having varying limits; the parrot-wrasses or parrot-fishes.

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44. FishBase link : Scarus species list (mirror site1, mirror site2, 3, 4) ITIS link: Scarus Forsskål, 1775 ; World Register of Marine Species link: Scarus Forsskål, 1775 (+ list genus + list species) IUCN link: Scarus threatened species

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45. Scarus coelestinus Valenciennes in Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1840

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46. Among the Indo‐Pacific Scarus species, Scarus ovifrons is unique, being largely restricted to the warm temperate waters of Japan

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47. Bring a stunning accent to your at-home bar, countertop or island using this Scarus industrial styled barstool

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48. Scarus garners fantastic wounds in the battle against Caesar’s army, and begs for the opportunity to win more

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49. Scarus chameleon, Female, Bali, Indonesia, Photo: Ian Shaw

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50. Scarus flavipectoralisSchultz, 1958 (Plate X, 75 and 76) En - Yellowfin parrotfish

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52. 3D CAD models designed by GrabCAD Community member Scarus

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53. Gonadal histology confirmed that Scarus ferrugineus is a diandric protogynous fish

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    Definition of scarus. 1 plural -es : a parrot fish (Sparisoma cretense) of the Mediterranean of excellent table quality and highly esteemed by the ancient Romans.

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    Involucral scales few, equal, in a single row, not scarious. Scales of the broad and flat involucre imbricated, with scarious margins. Small modified leaves, usually thin and scarious, seen in buds and cones; the flakes into which the outer bark often divides.

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    adjective, scarc·er, scarc·est. insufficient to satisfy the need or demand; not abundant: Meat and butter were scarce during the war.

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