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Synonyms: 1. Feedback 2. Wikipedia
1. Earliest documented use: 1380. 8. Synonyms for satrapes in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for satrapes. 1 word related to satrap: governor. What are synonyms for Satrapes? 9. Check out our lexias satrapes selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
2. satrapes was a god in the Palmyrene pantheon, the name occurring in Syrian inscriptions from Palmyra and the Hauran. Pausanias (vi.25, 26) mentions 'Satrapes' as the name of a god who had a statue and a cult in Elis and is identified with Korybas.. The origin of this 'god' is obscure. It may have arisen from a cult identifying the divine and royal aspect of the satrap's power, in a similar
3. Etymology. The word satrap is derived via Latin satrapes from Greek satrápēs (σατράπης), itself borrowed from an Old Iranian *xšaθra-pā/ă-. In Old Persian, which was the native language of the Achaemenids, it is recorded as xšaçapāvan (𐎧𐏁𐏂𐎱𐎠𐎺𐎠, literally "protector of the province").The Median form is reconstructed as *xšaθrapāwan-.
4. From Latin satrapes, from Greek satrapes, from Old Persian khshathrapavan (protector of the province), from khshathra- (province) + pava (protector). Ultimately from the Indo-European root pa- (to protect or feed), which also gave us fodder, food, pasture, pantry, companion, and Spanish pan (bread). Earliest documented use: 1380.
5. satrapes February 28, 2020, 5:33pm #1. Hello, When running cmake it will try to find a suitable compiler and try to see if it can program a simple program with it. I understand how to use a different compiler, but there are a few cases where you might want to pass an argument to the compiler even when doing a test build. From my limited
6. 3 Et tous les chefs des provinces, les satrapes, les gouverneurs, les fonctionnaires du roi, soutinrent les Juifs, à cause de l`effroi que leur inspirait Mardochée. 3 All the princes of the provinces, and the satraps, and the governors, and those who did the king`s business, helped the Jews; because the fear of Mordecai was
7. No. 2691 c), from which the softer form satrapes gradually arose and passed into modern languages (Gesenius, Thesaur. s.v.). "These satraps are known in ancient history as the governors or viceroys of the provinces into which the Persian empire was divided.
8. Daniel 3 Louis Segond (LSG). 3 Le roi Nebucadnetsar fit une statue d'or, haute de soixante coudées et large de six coudées. Il la dressa dans la vallée de Dura, dans la province de Babylone. 2 Le roi Nebucadnetsar fit convoquer les satrapes, les intendants et les gouverneurs, les grands juges, les trésoriers, les jurisconsultes, les juges, et tous les magistrats des provinces, pour qu'ils
9. In later times the cult of a god satrapes occurs in Syrian inscriptions from Palmyra and the Hauran; by Pausanias vi. 25, 6, satrapes is mentioned as the name of a god who had a statue and a cult in Elis and is identified with Korybas. The origin of this god is obscure; perhaps it arose from a cult connected with a statue or a tomb of some satrap.
10. Alors les chefs et les satrapes cherchèrent une occasion d'accuser Daniel en ce qui concernait les affaires du royaume. Mais ils ne purent trouver aucune occasion, ni aucune chose à reprendre, parce qu'il était fidèle, et qu'on apercevait chez lui ni faute, ni rien de mauvais. Et ces hommes dirent: Nous ne trouverons aucune occasion contre ce Daniel, à moins que nous n'en
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