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Synonyms: 1. Supper 2. Treat 3. Refreshments 4. Nibbles 5. Bite 6. Elevenses 7. Stuff 8. Shove 9. Force 10. Ram 11. Thrust 12. Wedge 13. Press 14. Push 15. Stick 16. Squeeze 17. Compress 18. Confine 19. Cram 20. Pack ...21. Insert See more »
1. How to use sandwhiches in a sentence. Example sentences with the word sandwhiches. sandwhiches example sentences.
2. Amazing. I m not usually a fan of pulled- meat sandwhiches. But the family was asking for it. Completely worth the 9 hour cooking. Had it in the crockpot by 8am and was ready a little after 5pm. Made it exactly how it s written didn t change a thing and everyone was pleased. I ve read a lot of reviews saying it was salty. It isn t.
3. You can use turkey or bacon, fruit or different itmy only qualm is this: the egg mixture did not cover all of the bottom of the sandwhiches. Maybe next time i will increase the egg mixture. l2bake. Jan 21, 2011. Easy and filling!!! Love having these for breakfast! korbark. May 10, 2009.
4. Great idea to slice it instead of meatballs, so slipping meat on these sandwhiches! Read More. Helpful (17) ANGELAC918 Rating: 5 stars 01/27/2004. I rolled them into balls for meatball subs. YUMMY!!!! Next time I will bake them in the sauce instead of adding the sauce later. Mushrooms and black olives would be good on them.
5. These sandwhiches are fantastic and easily adapt to different individual preferences. Thank you for posting! Hotdishhomeaker I have no words except that smart people never miss an opportunity to shut up! Try it! It might just change your life. It disappoints me greatly that I won’t be able to patronize your site and try your recipes.
6. Since you can use the 3 different breads with each of the 5 different meats, you can assume that the number of combinations of bread and meat would be 5*3 or 15 different sandwhiches. Then, for each of the 15 sandwhiches we made above, we could put a different kind of cheese on (4 different kinds for each), so we can multiply the 15 above with
7. How to use sandwhiches in a sentence. Example sentences with the word sandwhiches. sandwhiches example sentences. 7. This is "Sandwhiches" by Speaking Socially Media on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 8. Sue, of Sue’s Sandwhiches, sells sandwiches and soda from a sidewalk cart in a popular park near her

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