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1. What is the Salmond controversy about? In August 2018, news leaked the Scottish government had investigated two allegations of sexual misconduct against Alex Salmond

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2. Alex Salmond, Scottish politician who served in the British House of Commons (1987–2010, 2015–17) and who was first minister of Scotland (2007–14)

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3. 8 hours ago · Nicola Sturgeon has launched a thinly-veiled attack on Alex Salmond as she marked the start of the SNP's campaign for May's Scottish Parliament elections

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4. Salmond was later acquitted of 13 charges of sexual assault against nine women in a trial last March

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5. Alex Salmond with his lawyer Gordon Jackson QC after being cleared of all charges against him at the High Court in Edinburgh on 23 March 2020

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6. Read the redacted segment of Salmond’s Ministerial Code evidence in full below: 30

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7. Jeryl Salmond began his career at Morgan Stanley in 1985, where he is currently a Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor

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8. Combining his education, and experience as a Wealth Advisor, Jeryl Salmond helps the individuals, families, businesses and institutions that rely on his financial guidance and to help address their unique investment needs.

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9. Salmond definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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10. The National newspaper, a newspaper that has dedicated itself to putting forward the case for regaining Scotland's autonomy in all things, has published a letter signed by the same anonymous Women who accused the former first minister Alex Salmond of attempted rape, most of sexual harassment

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11. The High Court found Alex Salmond innocent, in effect…

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12. Alex Salmond launches new 'Alba' party to rival SNP: Former First Minister set to split Nat vote as he vows to stand candidates in May elections in wake of civil war with Nicola Sturgeon

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13. 2 days ago · Salmond was acquitted in 2020 of charges of sexual assault

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14. Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond launched a new pro-independence party on Friday to run in May's parliamentary election, a move that could splinter the separatist vote by drawing

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15. The earliest origins of the name Salmond date back to the time of the Anglo-Saxons.The name is derived from the baptismal name for the son of Solomon

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16. Alex Salmond is accused of attempting to rape a woman after a meal with a celebrity at the first minister's official residence.

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17. Salmond announced that, as leader of the Alba Party, he wanted “to build a supermajority for independence in the Scottish Parliament” and Kelly argued that his inclusion was a positive step.

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18. Salmond & Darling: The Debate - Salmond & Darling: The Debate is a Scottish television debate that was first broadcast on STV on 5 August 2014

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19. The Salmond affair painted a picture of a party soiled by too many years in office

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20. Salmond, a leader in national and international initiatives intended to strengthen the profession of nursing and the provision of healthcare, is Co-Director of the Northeast Institute for Evidence Synthesis and Translation (NEST) at the Rutgers University School of Nursing

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21. The Salmond family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920

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22. The most Salmond families were found in and Scotland in 1841and Scotland in 1851and Scotland in 1861and Scotland in 1871and Scotland in 1881and Scotland in 1891and Scotland in 1901

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23. In 1840 there were 3 Salmond families living in Massachusetts.

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24. 2 days ago · media captionNicola Sturgeon: 'Significant questions' over Alex Salmond's political return First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said there are "significant questions" about Alex Salmond's political

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25. The Scottish Parliament has removed and redacted evidence from former first minister Alex Salmond to the inquiry investigating the handling of complaints made against him

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26. The latest tweets from @AlexSalmond

27. Scotland's former first minister Alex Salmond on Friday announced a shock political comeback, leading the launch of a new pro-independence party to …

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28. Salmond spent six hours testifying in front of the committee, and languor doesn’t quite describe the forensic ease with which he dealt with his interrogators

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29. Alex Salmond has suggested that weak and incompetent leadership of Scotland’s institutions could undermine the case for independence, in a bitter attack on his former allies and party.

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30. 2 days ago · Nicola Sturgeon cast doubt on Mr Salmond's electoral hopes the day after the former First Minister announced the creation of his new Alba Party

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31. LONDON — A bitter feud between Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her predecessor Alex Salmond is about to burst into the open — and it could bring down the cause of independence in the process

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32. Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond is a Scottish politician and former First Minister of Scotland

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33. While the many lies told by the Scottish Government about its treatment of Alex Salmond are now being exposed daily, it's important to remember that they're all ultimately in service of one central lie: that Nicola Sturgeon “tried to do the right thing”

Scottish, Strong, Salmond, Service, Sturgeon

34. As former first minister Alex Salmond waved to photographers on his exit from Holyrood, something else left the building

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35. Salmond complaint women: We were dropped after he won legal challenge Tue 23 Mar

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36. Tue 23 Mar Baillie backs probe into ‘entirely inappropriate’ leaks from Salmond committee

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37. Alex Salmond has declared the launch of his new political party could box Boris Johnson into a corner on the question of independence through achieving a …

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38. Mr Salmond further told me that there was a massive police operation underway to try to get accusers to come forward against him…He understood that over 400 people had been interviewed by the police…[one woman] stated that she had been called in and interviewed by the police because many years ago Alex Salmond had been said by another

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39. Alex Salmond married Moira McGlashan in 1981.

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40. Speaking on Friday in a virtual press conference, Alex Salmond said he aims to build a "supermajority" for independence with the creation of the Alba Party (Alba is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland), which will stand for election at the Scottish Parliament elections in May

Speaking, Strong, Salmond, Said, Supermajority, Scottish, Scotland, Stand

41. Alex Salmond forms his own party to fight the Scottish elections

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42. The Right Honorable Alex Salmond STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF ALEX Salmond “The documents released tonight confirm that sisting (postponing) the Judicial Review was indeed under active consideration by the Scottish Government in September 2018." John Swinney must now be the only person in Scotland who believes that the piecemeal release of these extraordinary legal …

Strong, Salmond, Statement, Sisting, Scottish, September, Swinney, Scotland

43. Professor Salmond has been a visiting curator at Hillwood Museum and Gardens in Washington DC and a guest curator of exhibitions at Hillwood (Tradition in Transition: Russian Icons in the Age of the Romanovs, 2004) and The New York Public Library (Russia Imagined, 1825-1925: The Art and Impact of Fedor Solntsev, 2006)

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44. In written submissions to the Holyrood enquiry, Alex Salmond lists almost 50 Scottish Government documents which were withheld from his defence team in two separate court cases

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45. WHICH brings us back to Alex Salmond

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46. Dave Thompson of the AFI, for instance, is known to be close to Salmond

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47. A Salmond-led party standing on the regional list would most likely see the competing groups withdraw and fold into his initiative.

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48. Alex Salmond’s submission on the potential breach of the ministerial code by Nicola Sturgeon will be deleted, redacted and then re-uploaded to the Scottish Parliament’s website following an

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49. To consider and report on the actions of the First Minister, Scottish Government officials and special advisers in dealing with complaints about Alex Salmond, former First Minister, considered under the Scottish Government’s “Handling of harassment complaints involving current or former ministers” procedure and actions in relation to the Scottish Ministerial Code.

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50. Salmond is a professor in New Zealand, and has written books about the discovery of Tahiti and about Captain James Cook, subjects essential to understanding Bligh

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