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1. Definition of Salespeople : persons employed to sell goods or services Examples of Salespeople in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Let your marketing create demand, and let your Salespeople do their respective jobs along the funnel.

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2. Salespeople is a plural form of salesperson —a person whose job is to sell products or services

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3. Examples of salesperson in a Sentence The company is hiring new Salespeople. we asked the salesperson to see if there were any shoes in our size in the stockroom Recent Examples on the Web Neumann is an extraordinary salesperson

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4. It’s not a coincidence that the top Salespeople in your company are probably at the top of the leaderboard year in and year out

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5. And the several thousand Salespeople in the huge store were slangily nicknamed "Peter Rolls's hands." WINNIE CHILDS C

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6. WILLIAMSON In an instant she realized that the pads upon which Salespeople did hasty sums must be called check books, anyhow in America

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7. The most successful Salespeople are ahead of the game for a reason — they invest time in their tools

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8. Top Salespeople love their job and the people they

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9. As a Sales Manager, recruiting new Salespeople is often a demanding part of your job that never seems to taper off

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10. Do you ever find yourself wondering where to find good Salespeople? Today we are thinking beyond the job boards and sharing a list …

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11. Great Salespeople sell solutions to problems, and they do that by understanding and listening to the customer." – Timothy Tolan, CEO and managing partner of The Tolan Group (Sanford Rose Associates)

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12. Most successful Salespeople spend more time planning than they do in sales presentations

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13. When Salespeople are unmotivated, you won’t be able to re-inspire them unless you have an open and honest conversation about their challenges and goals -- something that simply won’t happen without trust

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14. Salespeople walk a delicate line between making a prospect realize that they need a product and trying not to be overly forceful

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15. Salespeople are boundary spanners, in that they operate outside the boundaries of the firm and in the field

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16. Salespeople always have new strategies and new technologies to learn in order to sell effectively

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17. When compensation is largely commissions, Salespeople tend to feel ownership of "their" accounts


18. Some did just that, with a few top-performing Salespeople making over $1 million in 2020

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19. Salespeople, in particular, always have room to grow, and with every step they make to advance their careers, their employers can benefit greatly

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20. Level 1 Salespeople are what I call Laydown based sellers

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21. Your Salespeople do not necessarily have to be as knowledgeable in SEO as the head of the SEO department, nor should you expect them to be

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22. There are good Salespeople, and then there are the wealthiest Salespeople in the world


23. Salespeople were paid by commission for centuries before economists began writing about the principal-agent problem

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24. Salespeople feed their families feast or famine even in times of economic uncertainty and keep a positive attitude when the chips are down, pay plans change moving the goal posts or the product itself doesn’t work and they have to eat the claw-back commission on the deal

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25. Salespeople are resilient, optimistic, humorous and caring.

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26. Salespeople definition: people engaged in selling Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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27. Yet, hiring Salespeople and training them can be very difficult

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28. After many years working as a salesman and after attending many sales training courses throughout those years What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story is a thought provoking analysis of the essential missing ingredient to being a more successful sales person.

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29. With a steady drumbeat of negativity and business challenges, even the best printing Salespeople sometimes struggle to stay focused and motivated

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30. From motivational books to daily meditation, we have seen Salespeople try any or all techniques …

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31. IMPACT Selling is a straightforward, buyer-focused sales process that allows Salespeople to confidently guide their prospects and customers through to the close

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32. The best Salespeople have exactly the right talents that make them perfect for their role

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33. The best consultants, on the other hand, had different talent themes than the best Salespeople we studied

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34. We also discovered that most companies need Salespeople selling their product lines much more than they need consultants.

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35. Salespeople get a pre-generated priority list so they can focus on closing deals, and they can easily note their work in the mobile app

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36. Many Salespeople only make money if they make a sale

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37. The following traits are what make the best Salespeople most successful:

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38. Synonyms for Salespeople in Free Thesaurus

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39. Salespeople funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics.

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40. Salespeople engineer this sale when they penetrate the decision process early, meet all levels of decision makers, define and sell value in customer terms, and convince the buyer that the seller’s solution mirrors the buyer’s needs

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41. The "Do Not Call" list isn't always a deterrent for pushy Salespeople, but if you are on it, they can be fined

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42. Don't assume that all Salespeople are pushy and

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43. One mistake Salespeople often make is either rushing from one call to the next, or spending the time right before the meeting flustering themselves with obsessive planning

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44. Teach your Salespeople the value of taking a few minutes to breathe, center themselves, and …

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45. I saw a cartoon some time ago that got me thinking about the real role Salespeople play

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46. Tech use is high among top- performing Salespeople

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47. Another finding from the report is that top- performing Salespeople utilize technology differently than the average rep

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48. These high performers are more actively engaged with technology and use the following at higher rates than other Salespeople: Sales intelligence tools (41% vs

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49. Generally speaking, Salespeople love people, and they love getting opportunities to be around others

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50. The challenge that Dooly has been built to solve is that while there are a lot of tools out there now to help Salespeople source leads, manage the progress of their sales, give them advice and

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51. Salespeople are often in the roles of business consultant and partner in the prospect’s success

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52. To do that, Salespeople want to create question-laden presentations, so they learn where prospects need help

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53. Salespeople are usually energetic and action-oriented

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54. According to Glassdoor’s study, career growth and company culture are very important to Salespeople.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do salespeople actually do?

What Do Salespeople Actually Do?

  • Typical Week. A typical week for me is two days in the office calling, and three days out on the road meeting my clients at appointments.
  • Calling. This is probably the least attractive part of the job. But in order to get sales, we need appointments, and in order to get appointments, we need to call.
  • Appointments. This is where the fun begins. ...
  • What makes the best salespeople?

    What Makes a Good Salesperson? Ability to Listen. A good salesperson needs to satisfy a client's needs. The only way to find out what those are is by... Empathy. A good salesperson knows how to feel what their customers feel. By getting inside a prospect's skin, they know... Hunger. These folks also have a need to sell that goes beyond the money. They have personal needs... More ...

    What is it about salespeople?

    Definition of salespeople : persons employed to sell goods or services Examples of salespeople in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Its roster of corporate clients - start-ups that offered free lunches, salespeople with round-table breakfasts - had all implemented work-from-home policies.

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