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1. Meanings Arabic Baby Names Meaning: In Arabic Baby Names the meaning of the name Sahir is: Wakeful

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2. Indian Baby Names Meaning: In Indian Baby Names the meaning of the name Sahir is: Friend.

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3. Sahir is an indirect Quranic a name for boys that means “one who stays up late at night”, “one who spends the night caring for a sick person”

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4. Sahir is one of the nicest guy you'll ever know

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5. Sahir Ludhianvi’s life has been chronicled by Sabir Dutt, Chander Verma and Dr

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6. Salman Abid in “Main Sahir Hoon.” At the fag end of life, Sahir became a heavy smoker and took to alcohol

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7. The following piece by Sahir depicts this phase of his life quite philosophically:

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8. Sahir Ludhianvi was a colossus among Hindi film lyricists

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9. In his career spanning 31 years, Sahir wrote 733 songs for 122 movies

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10. Sahir, true to his "taKhallus" (nom de plume), was truly a …

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11. White World Music presenta a Sahir en "Desde La High"

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12. #Sahir #DesdeLaHigh #WhiteWorldMusic

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13. Sahir Shroff earned his bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery at the University of Bombay in Mumbai, India.

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14. View Sahir Mehta’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community

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15. Sahir has 4 jobs listed on their profile

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16. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sahir’s

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17. Serena Sahir is a high-end, independent, luxury companion based in New York, NY

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18. LAHORE: Sahir Ludhianvi never compromised on his ideology despite the Indian cinema compromising with him

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19. The latest tweets from @Sahir__

20. Abdul Hayee, popularly known by his stage name Sahir Ludhianvi, was an Indian poet and lyricist

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21. Sahir stands for magician and Abdul Hayee changed his name to Sahir when he started doing poetry and literary work

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22. Sahir published his first book in 1943 when he was just 22

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23. The name Sahir is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "friend"

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24. These 20 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Sahir

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25. 53.1k Followers, 589 Following, 98 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sahir‼️ (

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26. Sahir was a complex human being

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27. Sahir’s philosophical gift In the aforementioned ‘ Main Pal Do Pal ’ that Dhoni used to bid farewell, Sahir seeks to provide comfort to those stricken by existentialism, alluding to the ephemeral nature of life

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28. Sahir Ludhianvi was known to be very egotistic, perhaps as a result of his zamindar background; he fought for, and became the first lyricist or songwriter, to get royalties from music companies

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29. Sahir insisted on writing the songs before the song was composed, against the Bollywood norm.

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30. How to say Sahir in English? Pronunciation of Sahir with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 2 translations and more for Sahir.

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31. Sahir Ludhianvi was inariguably one of the finest lyricists associated with Indian cinema during its 'Golden Age'

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32. Ace poet Sahir Ludhianvi’s lyrics are synonymously linked to his Hindi film songs

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33. Al Sahir was born in Mosul, Iraq on September 12, 1957

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34. Sahir Ludhianvi was a renowned poet-lyricist

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35. This website is dedicated to Sahir Ludhianvi, one of the greatest poets and lyricists of India

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36. Sahir Ludhianvi Shayari available in Hindi, Urdu and Roman scripts

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37. Access to poetry videos, audios & Ebooks of Sahir Ludhianvi.

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38. Ssudeep Sahir, who is known for his work in Kunal Ganjawala's music video 'Channa Vey,' has been a part of several TV shows like 'Kyun Hota Hai …

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39. Sahir made his debut in film lyrics with Naujawan (1951)

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40. Burman and Sahir went on to create some of their work in Jaal (1952), House No

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41. Sahir is a Muslim Boy name and has Arabic origin

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42. Find Sahir multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu

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43. The lucky number of Sahir name is 5 and also find similar names.

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44. Sahir—a name that requires no introduction for those who love Urdu poetry and Hindustani film music


45. Sahir Ludhianvi, a revolutionary poet from India takes a contrarian view

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46.Sahir Ludhianvi (8 March 1921 – 25 October 1980) had the gift of a genius and perhaps the curse of one as well

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47. Sahir the Sorcerer is a collectible trading card that is found during the chapter "" in The Last of Us Part II

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48. 1 Location 2 Content 2.1 Front 2.2 Back 3 Navigation Sahir the Sorcerer Sahir THE SORCERER Real Name: Sahir Nassar Brains: 60Brawn: 80Affiliation: None A decorated war hero, Sahir was a Kuwaiti combat medic known for his courage under fire and selfless attitude

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49. Sahir Ludhianvi was an enigma: a difficult man to understand, and even harder to sympathize with, but one who has never ceased to fascinate

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50. Sahir Ludhianvi is probably the only songwriter in Hindi films whose poetry was accepted in its purest form.

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51. Abdul Hayee, known by his takhallus (pen name), Sahir Ludhianvi, was born in Ludhiana on March 1921 and died in Mumbai on October 25, 1980

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52. Stream Tracks and Playlists from on your desktop or mobile device.

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53. Sahir intended this to be a ghazal, but S.D

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54. In Surinder Deol’s biography, A Literary Portrait, he informs us that Sahir’s Talkhiyan is the only other Urdu poetry book, besides Divan-e-Ghalib, to have been published in many Hindi and

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55. Listen to albums and songs from Kadim Al Sahir

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56. Ace poet Sahir Ludhianvi was arguably one of the finest lyricists associated with the Hindi film industry during its 'Golden Age'

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57. Dr. Sahir Ahmed is an anesthesiologist in Chandler, Arizona and is affiliated with one hospital

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58. Sahir Marriage Beauro City:Multan Doctors, Engineers or educated families k rishty krwany k liye join krein

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the name Sahir mean?

    Sahir name meaning is Wakeful and the associated lucky number is 5. You can also listen here how to pronounce Sahir name. Sahir is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Sahir name meaning is wakeful and the lucky number associated with is 5.

    What is the history of Rasheed Sahir?

    He then enrolled at the Government College, Ludhiana. The auditorium there is named after him. As a college student, Sahir was popular for his ghazals and nazms (poetry in Urdu) and empassioned speeches. In 1943, Sahir settled in Lahore. There, he completed Talkhiyaan (Bitterness) (1945), his first published work in Urdu.

    What is the place of birth of Sahir?

    Sahir's place of birth is marked with a small plaque on the building's arched entrance. Sahir was educated at the Khalsa High School in Ludhiana. He then enrolled at the Government College, Ludhiana. The auditorium there is named after him. As a college student, Sahir was popular for his ghazals and nazms (poetry in Urdu) and empassioned speeches.

    Where is Sahir Ludhianvi buried?

    Sahir Ludhianvi was buried at the Juhu Muslim cemetery. In 2010, his tomb was demolished to make room for new interments. Sahir's work as a lyricist in the film industry gave him financial stability beyond his earnings as a poet. He made his debut with four songs performed in the film Azadi Ki Raah Par (1949).

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