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1. Saccs is located in the CINCSTRAT command post, strategic command centers, missile launch control centers, launch control facilities, and at strategic aircraft sites

Strong, Saccs, Strategic, Sites

2. The Strategic Automated Command Control System [Saccs] network is the primary network for the transmission of Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) to the …

Strategic, System, Strong, Saccs

3. Saccs is a Bahraini Accounting system to manage business accounting fully developed by the Bahrainies developers

Strong, Saccs, System

4. Saccs, the market leading provider of specialist residential care and therapeutic programmes for children with a history of trauma, neglect and sexual abuse, has been sold to Advanced Childcare in a deal funded by private equity provider GI Partners.

Strong, Saccs, Specialist, Sexual, Sold

5. First formed in 2010, the Saccs (Sighthill Angling Club Coarse Section) are a small family of anglers based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Strong, Saccs, Sighthill, Section, Small, Scotland

6. The Saccs messaging system has been used with the Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system, the land-based nuclear option operated by the U.S

Strong, Saccs, System

7. The ITT 465L Strategic Air Command Control System(Saccs, SACControl System, 465L Project,465L Program) was a Cold War"Big L"network of computer and communication systems for command and control of Strategic Air Command"combat …

Strategic, System, Saccs, Saccontrol, Systems

8. SaccsS prides itself on providing quality sporting experiences for the students, focusing on sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst the community.

Saccss, Sporting, Students, Sportsmanship

9. Looking for the definition of Saccs? Find out what is the full meaning of Saccs on! 'Scalable Asynchronous Cache Consistency Scheme' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

Strong, Saccs, Scalable, Scheme

10. The South African Cross Country Series (Saccs) is delighted to announce a new partnership for the 2021 season

South, Series, Strong, Saccs, Season

11. Saccs, a coalition of over 50 organizations and a network of 700 nongovernmental organizations working on children's rights issues in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, fights against bonded labor, a modern day form of slavery

Saccs, Sri, Slavery

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13.Saccs is a crucial link in our nation’s nuclear deterrence mission and is one of many systems used daily by fielded nuclear and non-nuclear forces,” said Lt

Strong, Saccs, Systems, Said

14.Saccs is very much one piece of our overall deterrence equation.”

Strong, Saccs

15. Saccs SAC Automated Command & Control System (USAF; now the Strategic Automated Command and Control System) showing only Military and Government definitions ( show all 11 definitions )

Strong, Saccs, Sac, System, Strategic, Showing, Show

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18. 2019 Saccs Championship winning BAT Venom for sale

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19. Saccs: Sacrewell Crop Station: Saccs: Statistical Analysis of Combinatorial Chemical Sequences: Saccs: SAC Automated Command & Control System (USAF; now the Strategic Automated Command and Control System) Saccs: Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society: Saccs: Socially Active Community Conscious Singles: Saccs: Stewart and Associates

Strong, Saccs, Sacrewell, Station, Statistical, Sequences, Sac, System, Strategic, Student, Society, Socially, Singles, Stewart

20. Saccs are specialists in residential therapeutic treatments for children who occupy the very apex of the Specialist Services sector having suffered severe early life traumas including neglect; sexual, physical and mental abuse

Strong, Saccs, Specialists, Specialist, Services, Sector, Suffered, Severe, Sexual

21. Saccs is a highly focused team of professionals devoted to providing treatments to children between the ages of 4-12

Strong, Saccs

22. The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (Saccs) and its Standing Committees set directions and policy development for Catholic schools in South Australia

South, Schools, Strong, Saccs, Standing, Set

23. The focus of Saccs is to promote excellence in teaching and learning in all Catholic schools in South Australia

Strong, Saccs, Schools, South

24. More information about Saccs can be found on the CESA web site.

Strong, Saccs, Site

25. The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (Saccs) has oversight of education in all Catholic schools and sets directions, allocates resources and develops policies for Catholic schools in South Australia

South, Schools, Strong, Saccs, Sets

26. The Saccs-DTS operates 24 hours per day and serves as the primary operational data and record communications system within HQ ACC, HQ USSTRAT-COM, and HQ AMC

Strong, Saccs, Serves, System

27. 1:53 introduces the 465L Command System (Saccs), and several models and animated visuals explaining how the systems work 3:20 describes the process of creating the 465L system

System, Strong, Saccs, Several, Systems

28. Saccs is a hybrid of stateless and stateful approaches in the sense that it maintains minimum state information

Strong, Saccs, Stateless, Stateful, Sense, State

29. However, unlike the stateful algorithm [8] which requires the MSS to remember all data objects for each and every MU’s cache, Saccs only requires the MSS to identify which data objects in its database might be valid in MU’s caches.

Stateful, Strong, Saccs

30. Saccs are funded based on research which highlights the importance of: The early years for children's development; the role of parents as children's first teacher; and the community fabric as an essential element in gaining good outcomes for children

Strong, Saccs

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33. Saccs materially complies with its responsibilities to ensure that it uses Government Funding only for educational purposes; and 2

Strong, Saccs

34. Saccs transactions with other Catholic Church agencies are on reasonable commercial terms and conditions, particularly having regard to Saccs and its schools being part of the education sector, where

Strong, Saccs, Schools, Sector

35. 465L WEAPON SYSTEM STRATEGIC AUTOMATED COMMAND CONTROL SYSTEM (Saccs) 15 January 1998 Click here to start

System, Strategic, Strong, Saccs, Start

36. Saccs-DTS FAs will appoint a TASO for their terminal

Strong, Saccs

37. The OIC or system manager of external inter-face systems will appoint a CSSO for coordination with the Saccs-DTS CSSO

System, Systems, Strong, Saccs

38. 51 Saccs Ln, Priest River, ID is a mobile / manufactured home that contains 3,456 sq ft and was built in 1996

Strong, Saccs, Sq

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