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1. Saccades Definition: Saccadic movement, or more commonly known as saccades, is the ability of the eyes to move in synchrony from point A to point B rapidly WITHOUT deviating from the path

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2. Saccadic suppression is evident from the fact that performance in the saccade conditions was reduced at all levels of stimulus contrast

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3. The presence of characteristic Saccadic abnormalities can be enormously helpful in guiding diagnosis in the outpatient clinic.

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4. A common type of Saccadic undershoot is the single-step, hypometric Saccadic refixation

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5. If the step portion of the motoneuron Saccadic controller signal i correct, but the pulse portion of the con-troller signal is too small due to an error, then the dynamic saccade (the initial fast portion of the Saccadic eye movement) falls short of the desired

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6. 1. Saccadic - of or related to the rapid movement of the eyes between points of fixation Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection

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7. Saccadic movement definition is - the quick movement of the eyes by which the gaze is transferred from one fixation point to another.

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8. This is known as Saccadic masking

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9. Saccadic intrusions without an interSaccadic interval Ocular flutter and opsoclonus Ocular flutter is a burst of back-to-back horizontal saccades without an interSaccadic interval (Fig

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10. In contrast, Saccadic intrusions are involuntary conjugate saccades that interrupt fixation.

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11. Scientists can test the area that controls Saccadic movements, the frontal lobe, through anti-saccade tests

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12. Definition of Saccadic in the dictionary

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13. Information and translations of Saccadic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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14. Saccadic eye movements are an important component of the animal’s behavior for exploring and spatially organizing its sensory environment

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15. Saccadic dysmetria is a subset of ocular dysmetria

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16. Saccadic movements, also called saccades, are rapid and simultaneous movements that both eyes make when they are looking towards a point in the same direction

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17. The dynamics of Saccadic eye motion give insight into the complexity of the mechanism that controls the motion of the eye

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18. See: nystagmus; vergence Saccadic, adjective Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners Want to …

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19. Saccadic definition: relating to or resembling saccades Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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20. Saccadic eye movements made under normal viewing conditions are accompanied by a loss of visual sensitivity commonly labelled Saccadic suppression or Saccadic omission

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21. Saccadic disorders caused by cooling the superior colliculus or the frontal eye field, or from combined lesions of both structures

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22. From the Cambridge English Corpus The relationship between Saccadic


23. Saccadic pronunciation with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more Which is the right way to say the number neunzig in German? no-yn-sik

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24. Saccadic eye. movement is one of the mechanisms by which

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25. Excitatory burst neurons (EBN) generates the ___ for Saccadic eye movements

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26. The high latency associated with normal Saccadic generation has been said by some researchers to be due to Saccadic procrastination , i.e

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27. Saccadic suppression is largely a consequence of visual masking: the clear, bright, long-duration fixations that precede and follow each saccade mask the perception of the low-contrast blur that is on the retina in much the same way that a bright flash of light would mask the perception of any low-contrast, brief- ….

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28. A Parametric Model for Saccadic Eye Movement Weiwei Dai ⇤, Ivan Selesnick , John-Ross Rizzo†, Janet Rucker †, Todd Hudson ⇤Dept

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29. Saccadic intrusions are involuntary conjugate saccades (fast eye movements) that interrupt fixation (Fig

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30. Wayne Saccadic Fixator Purpose: To increase Saccadic performance while improving peripheral awareness, short reaction time, accurate saccades and eye-hand coordination

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31. Materials: One Wayne Saccadic Fixator (WSF) Basic Technique: Stand arms length in front of the WSF

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32. For Saccadic oscillations that cause visual symptoms, medical treatments are most effective.[2] MacroSaccadic Oscillations

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33. MacroSaccadic oscillations often result in difficulty with reading, but there are few clinical trials investigating proposed treatments

34. Saccadic INTRUSIONS Saccadic intrusions are sporadic biphasic disruptions of fixation

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35. Saccadic intrusions include square wave jerks, Saccadic pulses, double Saccadic

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36. Saccadic - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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37. Saccadic eye movement abnormalities in autism spectrum disorder indicate dysfunctions in cerebellum and brainstem Mol Autism

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38. Altered control of visual fixation and Saccadic eye movements in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder J Neurophysiol

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39. The project was proposed to test the effects of caffeine on Saccadic eye movements

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40. Saccadic eye movements are a prominent feature of visual behavior; they allow successive sampling of information from the environment

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41. Yet we are unaware of such motion, a phenomenon known as Saccadic suppression

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42. Decades of research have shown that, when measured in laboratory conditions, Saccadic eye movements are not only variable, due to noise in sensory-motor pathways, but also inaccurate, displaying systematic biases toward smaller movement amplitudes (hypometria) or toward the mean location of the targets (central tendency)

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43. Synonyms for Saccadic in Free Thesaurus

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44. What are synonyms for Saccadic?

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SACCADIC [səˈkadik, sa-]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does saccade mean in medical dictionary?

Medical Definition of saccade. : a small rapid jerky movement of the eye especially as it jumps from fixation on one point to another (as in reading) Other Words from saccade.

What does saccades mean?

Definition of saccade : a small rapid jerky movement of the eye especially as it jumps from fixation on one point to another (as in reading) : a small rapid jerky movement of the eye especially as it jumps from fixation on one point to another (as in reading)

What is saccadic speed?

Psychology Definition of SACCADIC SPEED: Rate of motion inherent in a saccade . Humans have been known to achieve rates of motion at up to 700

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