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"Robertson" in Example Sentences

1. Translations of the phrase HAYES robertson from english to finnish and examples of the use of "HAYES ROBERTSON" in a sentence with their translations: Angela is trying to decrypt hayes robertson 's laptop.
2. Translations of the phrase SIGNORINA robertson from italian to english and examples of the use of "SIGNORINA ROBERTSON" in a sentence with their translations: Signorina robertson .
3. Rearrange in a sentence up(2) down(0) robertsonian translocation, reciprocal translocation and rearrange. 56, You can rearrange the order of columns in the message list by dragging a column heading to the right or left. 57, I'd like it more if we could rearrange a few things here.
4. Impeach in a sentence - Use "impeach" in a sentence 1. It is plain that almost no one wants to impeach him. 2. Congress's duty is to impeach him, robertson said. click for more sentences of impeach
5. How to use concentrate in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word concentrate Freshly made concentrate should be detartrated by storage in a settling tank for a week or two before use. Greylags used to concentrate on British Salmond stood down as the SNP group leader at Westminster and was replaced by Angus robertson.
6. English words and Examples of Usage use "proprietor" in a sentence robertson in 1820 gives the proprietor as William Deans Esq. and the rental value as £13. Among the coaches who stepped in were Phil Hariff, Jeff Van Housen, and more recently, Tim Robinson, the proprietor and coach at Salle presidio in Santa Barbara.
7. Imperial Bedrooms ranks with his best exercises in the latter register, teeming with sharp details of a narcissistic generation: the "spray-on tans and the teeth stained white", "the AA meetings on robertson and Melrose, the twenty-dollar margharitas from room service", "young girls walk by in a trance holding yoga mats".
8. Grant robertson The Best Musical Album for Children category goes beyond the kind of cloying, saccharine sounds that please kids too young to know better but drive discerning parents batty. Tips for Using saccharine in a Sentence. You may have an easier time writing sentences with saccharine if you know what words are likely to come before
9. Credible in a sentence up(1) down(2) Mr robertson would be a credible candidate. 8. A more credible explanation now occurred to her. 9. We must not shrink from the legitimate use of force if we are to remain credible. 24. You need imagination to make what you write fully credible.
10. And Belkin’s WeMo has expanded from light switches to connected crock pots.. The generator he lugs to games can either handle a big TV or the crock pot for his wife’s legendary pulled pork.. Chef David robertson from The Dirty Apron teaches a crock pot cooking class to residents of the Avalon Hotel.. Other items under the gifts for her section included crock pots and a chocolate fountain.
11. Use 'dobell' in a sentence | 'dobell' sentence examples. Toggle navigation 'Daily Use'. Dobell says enrollment is the key measure of growth for the Dobell is adjacent to robertson where the incumbent Labor MP, Belinda Neal, is also being challenged. (open, save, copy) . Dobell had visions of breaking through the Ottoman line
12. robertson is so mesmerizing that one can almost forgive him a self-martyring speech in which he attempts to link himself with every rock star who has ever met a tragic death. ( open , save , copy )
13. Pat robertson is just another typical rightwing reactionary superstition-ridden grifting neo-Confederate A-hole My favourite is the second, Todd Jonas, an orphaned street kid like Hookman himself (by then, the "the" in the character's name had largely been dropped,) he survived by his wits, "hustling and grifting " until the Hookman took him in.
14. The actors fiance, Shauna Robertson, is a film producer who has worked on films such as Knocked up, Superbad and Pineapple Express. 14: So again the car became an important part of the film, just like the actors. 15: Words in a sentence.
15. Example sentences for: felt How can you use “felt” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: That is how I felt about robertson Cochrane, whose articles on language in the (Toronto) Globe and Mail were first called to my attention several years ago.. You could imagine, for example, Edith Wharton writing of Boothe, as she did of Lily Bart, that to
16. How can you use “sodomite” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: ) He dumped the " sodomite " rhetoric and distanced himself from the religious right's loonies (including his own boss, Robertson, prone to anti-Semitic ravings and one-world-government paranoia).

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