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retrogrades (plural noun)

  - directed or moving backward.


retrogrades (third person present) · retrograded (past tense) · retrograded (past participle) · retrograding (present participle)

  - a degenerate person.



backward, backwards, reverse, rearward, retreating, retrogressive, forward, regressive, negative, downhill,

"Retrograde" in Example Sentences

1. The nature of Cromwell's statesmanship is to be seen rather in his struggles against the retrograde influences and opinions of his time, in the many political reforms anticipated though not originated or established by himself, and in his religious, perhaps fanatical, enthusiasm, than in the outward character of his administration, which, however, in spite of its despotism shows itself in its
2. Examples of retrograde in a sentence The stroke caused the teenager to make a retrograde fall into his childhood behaviors. The disease produces a retrograde process which weakens normally healthy muscles.
3. In fact, throughout the strike the union refused to discuss what it believed to be the company's retrograde plan.: The appellant asserts that the building was uninhabitable when he moved in, and that to return it to that state would be a retrograde step.: Life drawing has come to be regarded as a retrograde activity that now represents an ideological divide.
4. 166 sentence examples: 1. The closure of the factory is a retrograde step . 2. He said it would be a retrograde step to remove single parent benefit. 3. Closing the factory would be a retrograde step. 4. The slow, retrograde axial rotation of Venus i
5. 2. I commenced a retrograde march and have fallen back with my main force to this point. 🔊 3. An entirely retrograde movement is impossible when once man is indoctrinated with a grand ideal. 🔊 4. Injections made retrograde from the thoracic duct, pass through the villi into the intestines. 🔊 5.
6. English words and Examples of Usage use "retrograde" in a sentence In vivo it is suggested that muscle fibres select the strongest neuron through a retrograde signal. Orbital characteristics Satellite orbits are called regular or prograde if they are in the same direction as the planet's rotation otherwise they are called irregular or retrograde (The
7. Use retrograde in a sentence. A retrograde perspective of minorities in the U.S. is unjust. adjective. this is an example of when it retrogrades. 3. A retrograde operation is an organized movement to the rear away from the enemy.
8. In retrograde in a sentence - Use "in retrograde" in a sentence 1. It occurs in retrograde metamorphic environment as fractures cutting garnet diopside skarn. 2. The IFT-A protein complex is involved in retrograde ciliary transport. click for more sentences of in retrograde: 12. How to use retrograded in a sentence. 5. 5.
9. retrograde definition: The definition of retrograde is something that is a move backwards or a decline in condition or quality. (adjective) When a new technology comes out that is actually a step backward and worse than the technology before it, this is a

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