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RETRIBOTION [ˌretrəˈbyo͞oSH(ə)n]

retribution (noun)

  • punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.
Synonyms: punishment . penalty . nemesis . fate . doom . wages . justice . retributive justice . poetic justice . judgment . reckoning . revenge . reprisal . requital . retaliation . payback . vengeance . redress . reparation . restitution . recompense . repayment . damages . satisfaction . remedy . comeback . atonement . amends . measure .

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What does the name retribution mean?

With its prefix re-, meaning "back", retribution means literally "payback". And indeed we usually use it when talking about personal revenge, whether it's retribution for an insult in a high-school corridor or retribution for a guerrilla attack on a government building.

What are the disadvantages of retribution?

Disadvantages: Fails to stop crime- Retributive justice is unconcerned with the stopping of crime, which means that in retributive systems, criminals are punished with no thought to what they will do afterward. Fails to improve the offender- Retribution is unconcerned with this aspect.

What is the root word for retribution?

The root word of retribution is ''tribution:'' in Latin this means ''I pay back'' and has a similar meaning to paying a debt that is owed. When retributive justice is applied, a type of retribution, a criminal in essence pays his or her debt to society and suffers some type of punishment in return.

What is retribution theory?

Retribution is a theory of criminal punishment based on the idea that the guilty should have to pay for their crimes. Retributive justice, as it is known, stands for the principle that the punishment for a crime should match the severity of the crime. Define retribution.

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