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fee, deposit, advance, subscription, attendant, follower, servant, hireling, escort, minion,

"Retainers" in Example Sentences

1. Originally any inhabitant holding a certain measure of land, freehold or subject to the mere nominal ground-rent abovementioned, was a full citizen independently of his calling, the clergy and the lord's retainers and servants of whatever rank, who claimed exemption from scot and lot, to use the English formula, alone excepted.
2. This system of sworn retainers was central to early Germanic society, and the loyalty of the retainer to his lord generally replaced his family ties.: After the formation of TAPI Ltd and execution of Novation Agreement, all subsequent retainers fee shall be paid in advance equivalent to six months retainer fee in lump sum.: Buckingham tried to escape in disguise, but was either turned in by a
3. Bearing retainer in a sentence - Use "bearing retainer" in a sentence 1. He agreed to install the fixes for the lubricant issue, which included pressurizing the turbopump gearboxes and using an oil with a different viscosity that was less prone to foaming, but not the modified bearing retainers . click for more sentences of bearing retainer
4. Retainer in a sentence - Use "retainer" in a sentence 1. Almost anything else requires at least that much for a retainer. 2. And be sure to order your souvenir fillings and retainers now. click for more sentences of retainer: 5. Examples of retainer in a sentence: 1. Terraces and retainer dams are usually essential. 2.
5. Examples of retainer in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: In general a cell has a set of retainers, not just one. - Also in a…
6. Examples of retainers in a sentence: 1. Dethroned retainers of the elder gods. 2. Silence fell upon the retainers as they listened. 3. My two retainers were first-rate fellows.
7. How do you use retainers in a sentence? Wiki User 2012-09-28 00:01:01. Retainer- my sister and my brother uses a retainer for their. teeth. Related Questions. Asked in Oral Health and Dental Care
8. Retainer in a sentence - Use "retainer" in a sentence 1. Almost anything else requires at least that much for a retainer. 2. And be sure to order your souvenir fillings and retainers now. click for more sentences of retainer
9. Sentence Examples for retainer. They are king's retainers. How to use retainer in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of retainer.
10. retainers definition: Noun 1. plural form of retainer No measures had been taken to supply these voluntary crusaders with food or clothing; as harvest-time approached, the landlords commanded them to return to reap the fields, and on their refusing to do so, proceeded to maltreat their wives and families and set their armed retainers upon the half-starved multitudes.
11. retainers quotes from YourDictionary: " many seemingly independent businessmen or craftsman are more or less well paid retainers of larger corporations, such as the cobbler, operating a United States shoe machine or an automobile dealer holding a licen
12. Retinue definition is - a group of retainers or attendants. How to use retinue in a sentence. Did You Know?
13. Sentence example with the word 'satellite' satellite Atlas- accompanying, body of retainers, cortege, dominion, geo probe, increscent moon, nationality, puppet, seneschalty, superpower, ward heeler Definition adj. surrounding and dominated by a central authority or power Last update: October 10, 2015
14. Definition of retainers in the D dictionary. Meaning of retainers. What does retainers mean? Information and translations of retainers in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
15. Retinue definition, a body of retainers in attendance upon an important personage; suite. See more.
16. Use "retainers" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. retainers in a sentence. Retainers; Their retainers became. Family retainers, is my interpretation. Daughter of one of the retainers here. He roused six of his retainers from their quarters.

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