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RESTFULNESSES [ˈres(t)fəlnəs]


Synonyms: restful .

restful (adjective)

  • having a quiet and soothing quality.
Synonyms: relaxed . relaxing . quiet . calm . calming . tranquil . soothing . peaceful . placid . reposeful . comfortable . leisurely . easygoing . undisturbed . untroubled . unhurried . exciting . noisy .

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1. Restfulness (usually uncountable, plural Restfulnesses) The property of being restful.

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4. Restfulnesses Total Number of words made out of Restfulnesses = 473 Restfulnesses is a 13 letter long Word starting with R and ending with S

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8. (Element) a line that is parallel to the ground - directs eyes across, shows relaxation, calmness, Restfulnesses

9. Resentfulness 16 Restfulnesses 16

10. An inspiring blend of herbs that calm the mind, the soul and inspire Restfulnesses and balance.

11. Cold Restfulnesses Are What We Do

12. Antonyms for bother: appeals to, neglect, casting a spell on, be-witch, de-lighted, aid, Restfulnesses, advantage, swept off feet, gratify, be witches, puts ease

13. Antonyms for strife: neglect, supinities, ataraxias, cooperation, in-formality, easygoingnesses, conformity, Restfulnesses, re quiescence, un-affectednesses, un

14. Restfulnesses restharrow: restharrows resthold restick resticking resticks restier (current term) restiest restiff restiffness restiffs: restiform restiform body restiform eminence restily restimulate restimulated restimulates restimulating restimulation restimulations

15. Sedations calms peacefulnesses Restfulnesses tranquillities tranquilities

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