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Looking for sentences with "Relaxed"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Easygoing 2. Tolerant 3. Liberal 4. Permissive 5. Indulgent 6. Casual 7. Informal 8. Unceremonious 9. Unforced 10. Natural 11. Open 12. Frank 13. Spontaneous 14. Uninhibited 15. Artless 16. Ingenuous 17. Affable 18. Friendly 19. Unflappable 20. Breezy ...21. Airy 22. Jaunty 23. Carefree 24. Upbeat 25. Strained 26. Formal 27. Unwind 28. Unbend 29. Rest 30. Repose 31. Laze 32. Luxuriate 33. Lounge 34. Loll 35. Slump 36. Flop 37. Idle 38. Loaf 39. Play 40. Unbutton 41. Calm 42. Quieten 43. Tranquillize 44. Soothe 45. Pacify 46. Compose 47. Loosen 48. Loose 49. Slacken 50. Unclench 51. Weaken 52. Lessen 53. Reduce 54. Diminish 55. Tighten 56. Loosen 57. Loose 58. Slacken 59. Unclench 60. Weaken 61. Lessen 62. Reduce 63. Diminish 64. Tighten 65. Moderate 66. Modify 67. Temper 68. Ease 69. Loosen 70. Lessen 71. Lighten 72. Slacken 73. Alleviate 74. Mitigate 75. Qualify 76. Dilute 77. Weaken 78. Reduce 79. Diminish 80. Decrease See more »
1. He sat in a relaxed pose
2. The hotel had a lovely relaxed atmosphere
3. She was in a relaxed confident mood
4. Jill has such a lovely relaxed temperament
5. Take a deep breath and you will feel relaxed
6. You need to ensure that a patient feels relaxed enough to discuss things fully
7. After work she relaxed with a cup of tea and the newspaper
8. He looked relaxed and determined as he fended off questions from the world's Press
9. I am feeling relaxed
10. They have a relaxed mode of life that suits them well
11. Gail was lying in the sun looking very relaxed and happy
12. Self-confidence means being relaxed enough to allow your lover their personal space
13. She seemed relaxed and in control of the situation
14. Did you feel comfortable and relaxed at the party?
15. I relaxed letting the salt water buoy me up
16. I was very relaxed about the decision
17. He was doing this to make me more relaxed
18. The Mafia has relaxed its grip on local businesses
19. They were deep in conversation relaxed and smiling
20. Hughes believes that immigration controls should not be relaxed
21. She has a calm relaxed manner
22. The atmosphere at lunch was relaxed
23. She swam and sunbathedsentencedictcom went sightseeing and relaxed
24. Restrictions on freedom of assembly have gradually been relaxed
25. Jim relaxed knowing he was among friends
26. She's a bit too knowing for me to feel relaxed with her
27. As soon as I had made the final decision[sentencedictcom/relaxedhtml] I felt a lot more relaxed
28. He climbed onto his horse and set off at a relaxed trot down the lane
29. It lets us decide if we want to use more space between Message Items that arrive in our Inbox, or to use a Tighter Layout with the result of seeing more Messages in our Inbox. To find out how to use the relaxed or Tighter Layout in Microsoft Outlook just keep on reading the post below.
30. 37 synonyms of relaxed from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 83 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for relaxed. Relaxed: enjoying physical comfort. Synonyms: canny, comfortable, comfy… Antonyms: uncomfortable, hard, harsh… Find the right word. SINCE 1828.
31. relaxed definition is - freed from or lacking in precision or stringency. How to use relaxed in a sentence.
32. Fit a little more onto your Outlook 365 for Windows display. Sadly the option doesn’t apply to the entire Outlook window. On the View tab, Layout there’s a choice Use Tighter Spacing with the choice of ‘Relaxed’ or ‘Tight’.
33. As the situation changes, lockdowns are relaxed and people go back to work in some sense of normality your messaging should be updated to reflect the situation and the role your business can provide. Top five B2B digital marketing tips during COVID-19 times Dan Marshall June 19, 2020 Search Engine Watch
34. With relaxed hair, there are dry ends with tons of breakage. This is a great situation that forms knots and tangles. Instead of further ripping and breaking your hair, use this cream detangler spray first. Not only will the spray work through your hair, but it also revives your curls.
35. "relaxed floating-point mode causes double-precision floating-point computations and storage to be converted to integers where possible. This behavior does not conform with ISO, but it results in faster code, with some loss in accuracy. The following specific changes occur in relaxed
36. By definition, a hair relaxer is a lotion or cream that makes the hair easier to straighten and manage. It reduces the curl by breaking down the hair strand and chemically altering the texture. Most women who decide to get their hair relaxed have curly hair who want it to be stick straight without any frizz.
37. Once this is complete and my hair is “relaxed," I get a roller set and sit under a hair dryer for an hour — but this varies depending on how you style your hair. When my hair dryer session is up,
38. See common phrases containing relaxed in English. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.
39. The key is to be more relaxed in your mind, your breathing, and your surroundings. Move through your run and your world with relaxed alertness using discernment about what really needs effort, breathing more easily, and having great situational awareness. You’ll be faster and more flexible and your times will drop.
40. Dickies Occupational Workwear LR642BK Polyester/Cotton relaxed Fit Men's Premium Industrial Multi-Use Pocket Short with Hidden Snap Closure, Black Size 28 Now $4.53 Size 32 Available for $7.45
41. While home kits are easier to use than ever and cheaper than having a professional apply treatments, these products also make it easy to overprocess the hair. Not waiting the recommended time frame between touch-ups is another risky move to make with relaxed hair.
42. Wrapping relaxed hair simply means using conditioning styling lotions that you comb through the hair and wrap with a cap to create smoother hairstyles. You can also wrap lotion on natural hair to create the same effects. The best foam wrap lotion for relaxed hair is easy to apply without causing any stiffness to the hair. It makes the hair more
43. Chemically processed hair becomes dry and must be fully nourished to have a silky, shiny and smooth texture. Though brushing hair off your shoulders and watching it fall into your bathroom sink is an awful reality, it is, unfortunately, the norm for many people that have relaxed hair.
44. Once a month, good. Once a week, even better! Maintain relaxed hair health by deep conditioning especially on your relaxer touch-up days. Treat your strands with Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Hair Reconstructing Treatment. If you want an even deeper condition, add heat. Place a shower cap on your head then use a heating cap or hooded dryer.

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