Use Re dress in a sentence


RE DRESS [rēˈdres, rē dres]

re-dress (verb) · re-dresses (third person present) · re-dressed (past tense) · re-dressed (past participle) · re-dressing (present participle)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name redress mean?

Redress (noun) a setting right, as of wrong, injury, or opression; as, the redress of grievances; hence, relief; remedy; reparation; indemnification. Etymology: [Pref. re- + dress.] Redress (noun) one who, or that which, gives relief; a redresser. Etymology: [Pref. re- + dress.]

What does compensation and redress mean?

As nouns the difference between compensation and redress is that compensation is the act or principle of compensating while redress is the act of redressing; a making right; reformation; correction; amendment or redress can be the redecoration of a previously existing film set so that it can double for another set.

What is redress of grievances?

Redress of grievances means resolution to problems or complaints. Redress means resolution, grievances are complaints. The right to petition for redress of grievances means the right to ask to have problems solved. The right to petition the government for redress of grievances means the right to ask a governmental body to solve a problem.

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