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1. Quizzingly meaning In a quizzing manner.

Quizzingly, Quizzing

2. Quizzingly(comparativemoreQuizzingly, superlativemostQuizzingly)


3. What does the word Quizzingly mean? Find and lookup the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word Quizzingly in our free online dictionary!


4. She looked at me Quizzingly, and with a little tilt of her head, she leaned in toward me and asked, "why?"

Quizzingly, Quot

5. Erin Medlicott: Notes From The Road: NJ Restaurant Cashier Calls Obama "The Anti-Christ" “Just behold the flower — the only one in the world,” said Lina Quizzingly; “and, mistress! just look at the splendid plants!”

Quot, Quizzingly

6. See also: words rhyming with Quizzingly, words from word "Quizzingly"

Quizzingly, Quot

7. Quizzingly 0 points 1 point 2 points 9 months ago I studied mainly from the slides for Holyoak's section, and my slides were mostly empty


8. بررسی 'Quizzinglyترجمه‌ها به فارسی


9. به نمونه‌هایی از Quizzingly نگاه انداخته و با ترجمه در جملات، گوش دادن به تلفظ و تمرین گرامر، زبان را بیاموزید.


10. One of the agents () looks at Mathilda, Quizzingly, as she has to insistently ring the bell on and on before Léon lets her in


11. After the photoshoot, their model Terry was staring Quizzingly at Jom while his friend was doubling over with laughter as he read the comments


12. “Do what?“,he looked at her Quizzingly


13. Amie and Jay weave in some whimsical and Quizzingly mysterious plot twists (that sure, if you're paying attention you can probably untangle upfront but who cares?! Because you LOVE these characters and THE RIDE and you want to see where all this leads and so you're IN IT, lol) and we get to see some fantastic character development that we were


14. "By the way, boy," he remarked, Quizzingly, "have you started yet on that marvellous thing you were clever enough to buy at Ipswich?" "Crowdham Market, sir." "Crowdham Market, was it? Well, my father used to say that fools and money soon part company." June, who was clearing the …

Quot, Quizzingly

15. Adverbs for quiz include quizzically and Quizzingly

Quiz, Quizzically, Quizzingly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does quizzingly mean?

tr.v. quizzed, quiz·zing, quiz·zes. 1. To question (someone), especially closely or repeatedly: "His searching questions as he quizzed me on my work made me tongue-tied at first" (Susan Sellers). 2. To test the knowledge of by posing questions: quizzed the class on state capitals. See Synonyms at ask.

What does quizzically mean?

vb (tr) , quizzes, quizzing or quizzed. 7. to investigate by close questioning; interrogate. 8. (Education) informal US and Canadian to test or examine the knowledge of (a student or class) 9. (tr) obsolete to look quizzically at, esp through a small monocle.

What does quizzed mean?

verb (used with object), quizzed, quiz·zing. to examine or test (a student or class) informally by questions. to question closely: The police quizzed several suspects. Chiefly British. to make fun of; ridicule; mock; chaff.

What does the name quizzing mean?

verb (used with object), quizzed, quiz·zing. to examine or test (a student or class) informally by questions. to question closely: The police quizzed several suspects.

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