Use Quintuplethistorical in a sentence


QUINTUPLETHISTORICAL [kwinˈtəplət, kwinˈt(y)o͞oplət]


  • each of five children born to the same mother at one birth.
  • a group of five notes to be performed in the time of three or four.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word Quintuplet?

quintuplet (plural quintuplets) One of a group of five babies born from the same mother during the same birth. (music) A tuplet of five notes to be played in the time for four. A collection or combination of five things.

Who was the mother of the first quintuplets?

Their mother, Elzire, was 25 at the time In 1934, at a time when twin pregnancies were rare in a small Canadian town, a woman gave birth to five daughters. Annette, Cécile, Yvonne, Marie, and Émilie Dionne immediately became famous: it was the first case of quintuplets in which all children survived childhood.

How did the quintuplets become a tourist attraction?

Tourists were invited to come to the hospital to see the wonder of the quintuplets, and soon Quintland became the largest tourist attraction in Canada. The girls were exposed to the public until the age of nine. At the same time, they were closely supervised by an army of nurses and doctors and constantly subjected to medical tests.

What are the chances of having a quintuplet?

The chances of having quintuplets are 1 in 55,000,000

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