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1. A Quiffe is a sound that generates from a womans vagina doing sexual intercourse. The sound occurs when the amount of lubrication starts to deminish and air gets trapped as the penis enters in and out causing a "farting" sound

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3. Now its allready 4 month ago that i bought a Quiffe lsd for my bmw 120d! And i have to say many thanks for this amazing product!!! Now its so easy to do drifting! And the exeleration on slippery surface is fantastic! There are just two problems i had in the beginning! 1


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5. MS Warrior!!! Rarer than a unicorn Quiffe.


6. À peine arrivé dans le quartier c'est notre son qu'on bisse c'est notre style qu'on Quiffe tout ça parce qu'on ne lâche jamais la branche 🌴 💪 malgré les circonstances

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QUIFFE [kwif]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name quiff mean?

noun, plural quiff, quiffs.Slang. a woman, especially one who is promiscuous.

What is the plural of quiff?

noun, plural quiff, quiffs. Slang. a woman, especially one who is promiscuous.

Why do girls quiff?

Instead, queefing is the result of a trapped pocket of air getting pushed out of your vagina. FYI: The vagina isn’t a straight tube, says Dr. Minkin. It has wrinkle-like folds called "rugae," so air could easily get trapped in there.

How is the word ' quiff ' used in a sentence?

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