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1. The resort community's social scene is lively during the summer but undergoes a deep Quiescence during the long winter was struck by the elk's Quiescence as it just stood there in the clearing Recent …


2. Quiescence, quiescency the state or quality of being in repose or at rest

Quiescence, Quiescency, Quality

3. Quiescence a period during which development is suspended as a result of adverse environmental conditions


4. Incomprehensible and invisible, eternal and unbegotten, he was throughout endless ages in serenity and Quiescence


5. Quiescence (/kwiˈɛsəns/) is a state of quietness or inactivity

Quiescence, Quietness

6. It may refer to: Quiescence search, in game tree searching (adversarial search) in artificial intelligence, a quiescent state is one in which a game is considered stable and unlikely to change drastically the next few plays Seed dormancy, a form of delayed seed germination

Quiescence, Quiescent

7. Quiescence 4.5 At "key essence" they create timeless products that are "key" to capturing your own design "essence"

Quiescence, Quot

8. Quiescence is a fundamental property that maintains hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) potency throughout life


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QUIESCENCE [kwīˈesns, kwēˈesns]

quiescence (noun) · quiescency (noun)

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