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1. En el caso de las palabras quise o Quice podemos tener una duda sobre la forma de escribirse

Quise, Quice

2. Quice has been a prominent name in the world of Food Products for the last three decades


3. Definition of Quice in the dictionary


4. What does Quice mean? Information and translations of Quice in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


5. What does Quice mean? Alternative form of queest

Quice, Queest

6. Quice Fruit Drink all season drink integrated with fun filled & exciting flavors available in 250ml, 200ml & 125ml tetra packaging


7. Quice MaNGOS and Trinity Database Editor


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Quot, Quice

10. Quice Food Industries Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on 12 March 1990 as a Private Limited Company and was converted into Public Limited Company on 13 December 1993


11. Quice food Industries is a leading public limited company in Pakistan estab- lished in 1980


12. This foremost product offering is reinforced by a large scale effective distri- bution network that allows distribution of the Quice products to large number of out- lets every day including route outlets, gro- cery stores, supermarkets, convenient


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14. Quice Food Official, Karachi, Pakistan


15. Quice Food Industries Ltd is one of the leading and competitive Food & Beverage Company


16. Quice Food Industries Ltd is engaged in manufacturing food products


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quiche (noun) · quiches (plural noun)

  • a baked flan or tart with a savory filling thickened with eggs.
Synonyms: pastry . flan . tartlet . strudel . pie . patty . pasty .

Quiché (noun) · Quiché (plural noun) · Quichés (plural noun)

  • a member of a people inhabiting the western highlands of Guatemala.
  • the Mayan language of the Quiché.

Quiché (adjective)

  • relating to the Quiché or their language.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Quiche mean?

Quiche is the name of a place, and means “many trees;” the derivation of Quichua is unknown.

What does Quiche mean?

quiche(Noun) A pie made primarily of eggs and cream in a pastry crust. Other ingredients such as chopped meat or vegetables are often added to the eggs before the quiche is baked.

What does Quich mean?

Definition of quiche : an unsweetened custard pie usually having a savory filling (such as spinach, mushrooms, or ham) : a pie made with eggs, milk, cheese, and vegetables or meat

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