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1. This is, or should be, Querimony


2. Definition of Querimony in the dictionary


3. What does Querimony mean? Information and translations of Querimony in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


4. Querimony (plural querimonies) (archaic) A complaint.

Querimony, Querimonies

5. Querimony Querimony: To Questionably Moan & Complain! “Watch out, he is smiling…” I will use this page to spread my own personal vision of unrest with all that I perceive is wrong with the world and with photography, well more likely with other photographers.

Querimony, Que, Questionably

6. Querimony - tamil meaning of குறைகூறல்


7. Querimony: complaint querist: inquirer querken: to stifle; to suffocate querl: to twist; to curl quern: stone mill worked by hand querquedule: pin-tail duck; a teal quersprung: in skiing, a jump-turn at right angles querulist: one who complains querulous: complaining; peevish quesited: sought …

Querimony, Querist, Querken, Querl, Quern, Querquedule, Quersprung, Querulist, Querulous, Quesited

8. Origin of querimonious From Querimony +‎ -ous.

Querimonious, Querimony

9. Phytophagy expostulative Querimony arsenates


10. Querimony; querist; querists; Querix; querk; querken; querking; querimo in English translation and definition "querimo", Dictionary English-English online

Querimony, Querist, Querists, Querix, Querk, Querken, Querking, Querimo, Quot

11. English words for libellus include petition, pamphlet, skit, treatise, logbook, notebook, Querimony, lamentation, grumble and plea


12. I'd like to querken your quiddles on the quizzities of the letter Q because they aren't queme and leave me quaddling and full of Querimony

Querken, Quiddles, Quizzities, Queme, Quaddling, Querimony

13. 'Roads to Quoz' Here's a quorum of such quatches ripe for revival, ready for your quaintance: quaddle (grumble), quizzity (oddity), querken (stifle), quiddle (dawdle), Querimony (complaint), queme (pleasant), quetch (go), queeve (twist in a road).

Quoz, Quorum, Quatches, Quaintance, Quaddle, Quizzity, Querken, Quiddle, Querimony, Queme, Quetch, Queeve

14. Definitions of Querimony, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Querimony, analogical dictionary of Querimony (English)


15. And ′′ Querimony "? Before you start reading ′′ The Judgment of Water ′′ consult your glossary and submerge fully in medieval times, a dark era, marked by infamy and superstition

Querimony, Quot

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