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1. Quartzites are scratch and acid-resistant, so they will not etch


2. You’ll find over 150 high-quality natural Quartzites at The Stone Collection

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3. Some Quartzites are still similar to sandstones, only more strongly held together, while others are completely recrystallized so that all the features like fossils or original texture are obliterated and grain boundaries have disappeared


4. Quartzites offer a brilliant range of colors, veining and movement and can look like granite, marble, or a hybrid of both


5. Most Quartzites come from Brazil, where our experienced second generation stone experts select and approve each slab for beauty and quality

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6. Quartzites are snowy white, less often pink or gray; they commonly have a fine angular jointing and break up into rubble under frost action


7. Quartzites are even harder than granite, which makes them ideal for interior and exterior uses


8. Quartzites have quite a palette of unique colors and patterns.

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9. Quartzites synonyms, Quartzites pronunciation, Quartzites translation, English dictionary definition of Quartzites


10. White Fantasy and other Quartzites mimic marble without the spotting and etching


11. Quartzites form when quartz sandstones are metamorphosed

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12. Quartzites often preserve original cross-bedding in the sandstone; sometimes deformation during metamorphism makes this cross-bedding look somewhat 'stirred'


13. Intermediate Quartzites are naturally more porous than fully formed Quartzites so it is important that fabricators, or homeowners applying their own sealant, test the porosity to make sure the correct amount of sealant is applied to protect the stone from stains


14. The least porous Quartzites are technically called crystalline quartzite.

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15. Quartzites will help establish a steady source of nutrition and keep everything in good standing


16. The constant search for water and other resources can be a grind and this is why storing up on Quartzites is recommended


17. Pure quartzite is usually white to gray, though Quartzites often occur in an array of colors due to varying amounts of iron oxide

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18. Quartzites of both the Moeda Formation (2.4 Gyr) and Itacolomi Group (~1.8 Gyr) contain major caves


19. Quartzites in which the SiO 2 content reaches 98–99 percent are used for manufacturing dinas refractories, for obtaining metallic silicon and its alloys, and as a flux in metallurgy


20. (Deposits of pure Quartzites are found in the Urals, in Karelia, and elsewhere.) Quartzites are also widely used in construction as a decorative stone.


21. Real Quartzites’ properties are very consistent


22. These Quartzites do etch and are more porous than 100% quartzite

Quartzites, Quartzite

23. Quartzites from the Bernard Ranch, 25 km east of Paulina, central Oregon


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you distinguish between sandstone and quartzite?

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock derived from sandstone that is distinguished from sandstone by its fracture. Sandstone breaks along grain boundaries, whereas quartzite is so well indurated (hardened) that it breaks across constituent grains.

What are the uses of a quartzite?

Physical Properties of Quartz

Chemical Classification Silicate
Diagnostic Properties Conchoidal fracture, glassy luster, hard ...
Chemical Composition SiO 2
Crystal System Hexagonal
7 more rows ... Jan 17 2021

What is the meaning of quartzite?

Definition of quartzite. : a compact granular rock composed of quartz and derived from sandstone by metamorphism.

What does quartzite feel like?

What the results mean: Real quartzite will scratch glass easily. You’ll hear it grind and you’ll feel it bite into the glass. Non-quartzite will either leave no scratch or a very faint scratch. Often the rock feels slippery against the glass.

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