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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of a qualia?

I. Definition. Qualia are the phenomenal qualities of experiences—the raw felt qualities of sensations, emotions, thoughts, or anything else.

Which is an example of a qualia of emotion?

Emotions (like anger, envy, or fear) and moods (like euphoria, ennui, or anxiety) are also usually taken to have qualitative aspects. Qualia are often referred to as the phenomenal properties of experience, and experiences that have qualia are referred to as being phenomenally conscious.

When did C's Peirce invent the term qualia?

C.S. Peirce seems to have had something like this in mind when he introduced the term ‘quale’ into philosophy in 1866 (1866/1982, para 223). There are more restricted uses of the term ‘qualia’, however. (2) Qualia as properties of sense data. Consider a painting of a dalmatian.

What kind of qualia have no physical effect?

Epiphenomenal Qualia: Qualia that have no physical effect on anything (therefore no evolutionary function); this proposal assumes that not having qualia wouldn’t make a functional difference to anyone.

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