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QUAGHOGS [ˈkwôhôɡ]


Synonyms: hard clam .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does quahogger mean?

quahogger (plural quahoggers) (US) A person who harvests quahogs. (US, nautical) A boat used to harvest quahogs.

Are quahogs clams?

A quahog is a clam but a clam isn’t necessarily a quahog. Steamers are clams but they aren’t always steamed, in fact fried clam strips can be made from steamers.

How does a Quahog move?

Quahogs do not remain fixed for life in one spot; they move through the mud using a muscular foot. With two short siphons, the quahog filters water in and out of its shell, absorbing plankton, bacteria, and oxygen. Quahogs are extremely efficient filter feeders, and large quahogs can filter about a gallon of water per hour.

What is the plural of Quahog?

quahaug | quahaugs [plural] | quahog [sense-specific] An edible clam with a hard shell found along the Atlantic Coast of North America. (scientific name Venus mercenaria) | Large clams used in chowders and other clam dishes. (28 of 33 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation) en .wiktionary .org /wiki /quahaug

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