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1. Definition of Quaghog in the dictionary


2. What does Quaghog mean? Information and translations of Quaghog in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


3. Quaghog (plural Quaghogs) (rare) Alternative form of quahog

Quaghog, Quaghogs, Quahog

4. What does Quaghog mean? A small round edible clam with a heavy shell, native of the Eastern U.S


5. Natural, genuine wampum or Quaghog shell beaded earrings


6. Due to the high crime rate in Quaghog, the family move to a farm, where they discover a meth lab in the basement.


7. Commercial Quaghog Regulations; Jr


8. Plural of Quaghog Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


9. The male anchor of Quaghog Five News: The female former anchor of Quaghog Five News that later became a mass murder: Asian reporter for Quaghog Five News: Weatherman of the 'Blaccu-Weather Forecast' on Quaghog Five News: The female anchor that replaced the formal murderer anchor


10. Family Guy- Quaghog Under Quarantine 1080p

Quaghog, Quarantine

11. Uploaded 05/10/2020 Family Guy- Quaghog Under Quarantine 1080p

Quaghog, Quarantine

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QUAGHOG [ˈkwôhôɡ]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Quahog mean?

Definition of quahog : a thick-shelled edible clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) of the U.S. Examples of quahog in a Sentence

Is a quahog a mollusk?

The quahog is a thick-shelled, roundish mollusk with a distinctly heart-shaped outline when looked at endwise. D'you know what answer the little boy got that asked the quahog the time o' day? It is to this family that the quahog or hard clam of our markets belongs. What Is The Difference Between A “Respirator” And A “Ventilator”?

What is another word for Quahog?

The most distinctive of these names is quahog (/ˈkoʊhɒɡ/ KOH-hog, /ˈkwɔːhɒɡ/ KWAW-hog, or /kwəˈhɒɡ/ kwə-HOG). The word comes from the Narragansett word "poquauhock", which is similar in Wampanoag and some other Algonquian languages; it is first attested in North American English in 1794.

Is an ocean quahog the same as a hard clam?

Confusingly, the "ocean quahog" is a different species, Arctica islandica, which, although superficially similar in shape, is in a different family of bivalves: it is rounder than the hard clam, usually has black periostracum, and there is no pallial sinus in the interior of the shell. 1 Alternative names.

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