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1. Definition of Quagha in the dictionary


2. What does Quagha mean? Information and translations of Quagha in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions


3. What does Quagha mean? Alternative form of quagga

Quagha, Quagga

4. What does Quaghas mean? Plural form of Quagha

Quaghas, Quagha

5. Sketches 503 The cry of the Quagga (pronounced Quagha, or quacha) is very different from that of either the horse or ass

Quagga, Quagha, Quacha

6. Quagha is an alternative form of quagga

Quagha, Quagga

7. As nouns the difference between Quagha and quagga is that Quagha is while quagga is a southern african subspecies of zebra, equus quagga quagga , which went extinct in 1883, and the upper parts of which were reddish brown, becoming paler behind and beneath, while the face, neck, and fore part of the body were marked by dark stripes.

Quagha, Quagga

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QUAGHA [ˈkwaɡə]

quagga (noun) · quaggas (plural noun)

  • an extinct South African zebra that had a yellowish-brown coat with darker stripes, exterminated in 1883.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does quagga mean?

Definition of quagga. : an extinct mammal (Equus quagga) of southern Africa that resembled and was related to the zebras.

What are quagga's predators?

Their predators include Titanis, Phorusrhacos, and Kelenken as well as most other prehistoric predators. Quaggas can wear saddles, horse armor, and chests. Quaggas can wear saddles, horse armor, and chests.

How did the quagga look?

The quagga is a sub-species of zebra, and like its cousin, looks like a small stripey horse. However, it has noticeable fewer stripes on the back half of its body, along with a brown tinge to its fur.

What was the quagga's habitat?

The quagga was the southernmost distributed plains zebra, mainly living south of the Orange River. It was a grazer, and its habitat range was restricted to the grasslands and arid interior scrubland of the Karoo region of South Africa, today forming parts of the provinces of Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and the Free State.

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