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QUAESTORL [ˈkwestər]

quaestor (noun) · quaestors (plural noun)

  • (in ancient Rome) any of a number of officials who had charge of public revenue and expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of a quaestor?

Definition of quaestor. : one of numerous ancient Roman officials concerned chiefly with financial administration.

Where does the job title quaestor come from?

Quaestor derives from the Latin verb quaero, quaerere, meaning "to inquire". The job title has traditionally been understood as deriving from the original investigative function of the quaestores parricidii.

What did quaestores do in the Roman Republic?

In the Roman Kingdom, quaestores parricidii (quaestors with judicial powers) were appointed by the king to investigate and handle murders. In the Roman Republic, quaestors (Lat. quaestores) were elected officials who supervised the state treasury and conducted audits.

What kind of bodyguards did a quaestor have?

Quaestors were not provided any lictors (civil servant bodyguards) while in the city of Rome, but while in the provinces, they were allowed to have the fasces (a bound bundle of wooden rods symbolizing a magistrate 's authority and jurisdiction).

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