Use Quaerel in a sentence


QUAEREL [ˈkwôrəl, ˈkwärəl]

quarrel (noun) · quarrels (plural noun)

quarrel (verb) · quarrels (third person present) · quarrelled (past tense) · quarrelled (past participle) · quarrelling (present participle) · quarreled (past tense) · quarreled (past participle) · quarreling (present participle)

quarrel (noun) · quarrels (plural noun)

  • a short, heavy, square-headed arrow or bolt used in a crossbow or arbalest.
  • a small, diamond-shaped pane of glass as used in lattice windows.
  • a square floor tile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does quarrel with mean?

quarrel (with someone) (over someone or something) to have an argument with someone about someone or something. Todd quarreled with Carl over who was going to get the new secretary. They are quarreling over Sally.

Is quarrel a verb?

English verb conjugation to quarrel to the masculine. Regular verb: quarrel - quarrelled - quarrelled.

What does Quarl mean?

Definition of quarl. : a large brick or tile especially : a curved firebrick used to support melting pots for zinc and retort covers.

What is the plural of quarrel?

quarrel (plural quarrels) A verbal dispute or heated argument. A ground of dispute or objection; a complaint. (obsolete) earnest desire or longing.

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