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1. What is the definition of Quadrupedism? What is the meaning of Quadrupedism? How do you use Quadrupedism in a sentence? What are synonyms for Quadrupedism?


2. Quadrupedism (uncountable) The condition of being a quadruped.

Quadrupedism, Quadruped

3. Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesQuadrupedism (Part 1) · Brother TheodoreMonologues℗ 2011 Master Classics RecordsReleased on: 2011-03-01Auto-gen

4. Perfecting and freeing the hand in the development from Quadrupedism to bipedism].


5. Quadrupedism represents the primitive state, while biped-alism is the derived one


6. T1 - Arboreal Quadrupedism and forelimb articular anatomy of red howlers


7. Thus, for primates, Quadrupedism represents the primitive state, while bipedalism is the derived one


8. Listen to Quadrupedism (Part 3) on Spotify


9. Brother Theodore’s Quadrupedism: We measure things by what we are. To the maggots in the cheese, the cheese is the universe


10. Consanguineous marriage, genetic abnormality, terrestrial Quadrupedism, suggestions that human quadrupedalism might be an evolutionary atavism… heady stuff

Quadrupedism, Quadrupedalism

11. ''Quadrupedism is the key to every lock, the power that heals, the real McCoy.'' In 1990 Mr


12. This testable hypothesis, termed the Decoupling Hypothesis, posits that bipedalism is an adaptation that enables the shoulder to maintain a high degree of mobility, a feature important to suspensory behaviors, in the face of significant demands for a high degree of stability, a feature important for highly effective terrestrial Quadrupedism.


13. I disagree, we haven't been able to find a bipedal creature heavier than Tyrannosaurus in the fossil record, I remember a Youtuber (Forget his name) talking about gigantism and saying there is a limit to how big a biped can get before having to revert to Quadrupedism.


14. The semierect posture of the great apes is not an advance toward human bipedism, but a modern reversion toward Quadrupedism


15. Anatomical correlates of arboreal Quadrupedism, terrestrial Quadrupedism, leaping ect


16. Anatomical correlates of arboreal Quadrupedism- enhanced mobility in limbs


17. My palms and knees may have been rubbed raw from my bouts of Quadrupedism, but my spirit was buoyed


18. Brother Theodore - Quadrupedism (1959) POACA will remember the David Lettermen show in its nascent stages, wild, untamed, unpredictable


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does quadrupedal mean?

QUADRUPEDAL DEFINITION Quadrupedal means using all four limbs for walking or running. One of the first actions of locomotion that we'll ever undertake as humans is a crawling motion – moving on all four limbs across an even or uneven surface, usually around six months to 1 year old. QUADRUPEDAL MOVEMENT FOR CHILDREN

What does the term 'quadruped man' mean?

Fenimore Cooper The reference is to a quadruped who looks down to the earth; see note to 13. She had latterly been thinking of Alvan's rejection of the part of centaur; and his phrase, the quadruped man, breathed meaning. It is a quadruped of the feline race; its total length is about nine feet, and its height about twenty-seven inches.

What is a sentence for quadruped?

Examples of quadruped in a Sentence. Horses and cows are quadrupeds. That includes the Ornithischia branch, which produced many famous quadruped dinosaurs, such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Ankylosaurus.

What is the Latin word for quadruped?

The quadrupeds include almost all the mammals. (Among the exceptions are whales, bats, and humans.) The Greek equivalent of this Latin word is tetrapod. However, the two are not identical, since the tetrapod classification includes bipeds such as birds, in which two of the limbs are no longer used for walking.

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