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1. What does Quadriplegias mean? Plural form of quadriplegia

Quadriplegias, Quadriplegia

2. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be Quadriplegias e.g


3. In reference to various types of Quadriplegias or a collection of Quadriplegias.


4. Quadriplegias - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Quadriplegias and much more.


5. Quadriplegias Total Number of words made out of Quadriplegias = 1138 Quadriplegias is a 13 letter long Word starting with Q and ending with S


6. Quadriplegias — Tetraplegia — Tetraplegias — Spastic Quadriplegia — Quadriplegia, Spastic — Quadriplegias, Spastic — Spastic Quadriplegias — Spastic Tetraplegia — Spastic Tetraplegias — Tetraplegia, Spastic — Tetraplegias, Spastic — Quadriparesis — Quadripareses — Flaccid Quadriplegia — Flaccid Quadriplegias

Quadriplegias, Quadriplegia, Quadriparesis, Quadripareses

7. Quadriplegias, Spastic Preferred Term


8. Spastic Quadriplegias Preferred Term


9. Results: Clinical and intra-operative neuroelectrophysiological monitoring data of a total of 318 consecutive cases were reviewed, which include 231 boys and 87 girls with 32 hemiplegias, 161 diplegias, and 125 Quadriplegias


10. People with spinal cord injuries, like paraplegias, Quadriplegias, will often develop a very, very sensitive area right above the level of their injury, wherever that is


11. Fortunately, the majority of spastic Quadriplegias are not so severely affected as those described above


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QUADRIPLEGIAS [ˌkwädrəˈplēj(ē)ə]


Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about quadriplegia?

The basic symptoms of quadriplegia include:

  • Numbness/loss of feeling in the body, particularly in the arms and legs;
  • Paralysis of the arms and legs (and major muscles in the torso);
  • Urinary retention and bowel dysfunction caused by lack of muscle control;
  • Difficulty breathing (some quadriplegics require assisted breathing devices); and
  • More ...

    What does quadriplegic mean?

    Definition of quadriplegic. : one affected with partial or complete paralysis of both the arms and legs especially as a result of spinal cord injury or disease in the region of the neck.

    What can a quadriplegic feel?

    Although people with quadriplegia may not feel external sensations, it is possible to feel pain within your arms, legs, back, and other areas that do not respond to external stimuli. Pain medications prescribed by your doctor can relieve the pain.

    Can quadriplegic have children?

    It is rare for a quadriplegic woman to have a child. It is extraordinarily rare — and potentially life-threatening — for a quadriplegic woman to give birth to twins. But 11 days ago in a Hamilton hospital, Burton and her care team successfully delivered twin baby girls.

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