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1. How to use quadrille in a sentence. Example sentences with the word quadrille. quadrille example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. (1791) (Golumpus (1802) Daughter of (18,o) Walton (1799) Parasol (1800) Moses* (1819) quadrille
2. quadrille in a sentence - Use "quadrille" in a sentence 1. 4. 3. Use "to be the" in a Sentence. 4. quadrille in a sentence: I think you'll agree there's a certain likeness in the bearing, the handsome features and noble mien, his quadrille is second to none and of course his manners are on the whole… 5. 4. 1. How to use quadrille in a sentence.
3. quadrille in a sentence - Use "quadrille" in a sentence 1. Most are instrumental works such as quadrilles, marches and polkas. 2. He also danced the " Clodoche ", a grotesque quadrille. click for more sentences of quadrille
4. 1. 1. 1. 1. Use "place in the" in a Sentence In the meantime a strong tendency emerged to drop all ' decorative'steps such as entrechats and ronds de jambes that had found a place in the quadrilles and other dances; The images are not all taken at the same time, but are generally current to within three years. Use "to be the" in a Sentence.
5. 1. How to use quadrille in a sentence. Example sentences with the word quadrille.quadrille example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. 2. Meanwhile two csardas and a polonaise were danced, after which our quadrille would come. I engage Madeleine for the first quadrille, and Bertha for the first waltz.
6. How do you use the word quadrille in a sentence? Wiki User 2013-01-30 22:35:04. If we can just find three more square-dancing couples, we can. have a quadrille. Related Questions.
7. Upon our arrival we find the 'sets' are already in progress; a 'set' being a dance like a very intricate and very long quadrille.' a n v d [Please select] 0 Francesca drove home with Miss Dalziel before the quadrille d'honneur, and when Willie bade me good night at the gate in the loaning, he said, "I shall not be early to-morrow, dear."' a n v
8. Stately quadrille in a sentence - Use "stately quadrille" in a sentence 1. These sudden political changes formed part of what became known as the stately quadrille. 2. It was part of the stately quadrille, which saw a constantly shifting pattern of alliances throughout the 18th century. click for more sentences of stately quadrille
9. quadrille definition: 1. a dance of French origin, similar to the cotillion but performed by sets of four couples 2. a kind of square dance evolved from this, in which four couples arranged in a square perform at least five figures 3. music for either o
10. Quadrille: [noun] a four-handed variant of ombre popular especially in the 18th century.
11. English words and Examples of Usage use "ball up" in a sentence The whole ball up to the last quadrille was for Kitty an enchanted vision of delightful colors, sounds, and motions.
12. Quadrilles definition: Noun 1. plural form of quadrilleSee also: quadrillés
13. Perhaps also see a sentence for quadrilateral and ways to use quadrille in a sentence. Now that you’ve seen how to use quarry in a sentence hope you might explore the rest of this educational reference site Sentencefor to see many other example sentences which provide word usage. Sentence for quarry Use quarry in a sentence
14. quadrille dancing is a historical dance similar to square dancing. In the square formation, 4 unisex couples dance together to a country piece of music.
15. More quadrille Quotes The last level of metaphor in the Alice books is this: that life, viewed rationally and without illusion, appears to be a nonsense tale told by an idiot mathematician. At the heart of things science finds only a mad, never-ending quadrille of Mock Turtle Waves and Gryphon Particles.
16. Use "quadrille" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. quadrille in a sentence. Quadrille; The quadrille was soon over. Quadrille, please! [Claps his hands. At last the "literary quadrille" began. But Kitty did not expect much from the quadrille.
17. Translate quadrille into Spanish. Find words for quadrille in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir quadrille de Inglés a español.
18. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word quadrille: . See quadrille used in context: 5 poetry verses, 1 definition: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
19. quadrille is a 9 letter word, used as a noun, with French origins, and has the letters adeillqru (adeilqru). Starts with q, ends with e, five consonants, four vowels and three syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here.
20. 1. In reality it was merely so that the partners for the meal should be chosen by chance.; 2. But she prided herself on her loyalty to the successive partners of her dismal adventures.; 3. Let the partners of a man who acts dishonestly exclude him from any share of the profits.; 4. The fat fiddler called out for the gentlemen to choose their partners for a quadrille.
21. 22. There was to be but one more quadrille. 🔊 23. Wants one more modish! 🔊 24. But now one more question. 🔊 25. I will only mention one more. 🔊 26. There is just one more point. 🔊 27. One more step and it all is done. 🔊 28. One more hope was gone. 🔊 29. There was only one more round. 🔊 30. There was one more way. 🔊 31.
22. One who dances the quadrille. French Verb . quadriller (of paper) To crosshatch (mark into squares) to criss-cross; Conjugation . Conjugation of quadriller (see also Appendix:French verbs) infinitive simple: quadriller compound avoir + past participle present participle or gerund 1
23. How to use denfant in a sentence. Denfant pronunciation. Ces gueux d'enfants, ma parole! au fond de quelque restaurant, un violon jouait un quadrille canaille à quelque noce attardée, une petite musique cristalline, nette et déliée comme une phrase d'harmonica.
24. Definitions of quadrille: . noun: a square dance of 5 or more figures for 4 or more couples ; noun: music for dancing the quadrille
25. They use quadrille in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for quadrille. Your Riette was not in the quadrille. (10) They perform the first steps of a quadrille ceremoniously, and we admire them. (10) He and the Beauty were named to one another, and they chatted through a quadrille. (10)
26. Most English talk is a quadrille in a sentry box. - quote by Henry James on YourDictionary.
27. Définition of quadrille Origin : 1773, "lively square dance for four couples," from French quadrille (17c.), originally one of four groups of horsemen in a tournament (a sense attested in English from 1738), from Spanish cuadrilla, diminutive of cuadro "four-sided battle square," from Latin quadrum "a square," related to quattuor "four" (see four). The craze for the dance hit England in 1816

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