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1. -·ceps· a muscle with four heads, or points of origin; esp., the large muscle at the front of the thigh, which extends the legOrigin of Quadricepsmodern Latin from quadri- + Classical Latin -ceps from caput, th: 10

Quadricepsmodern, Quadri

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of quadriceps muscle?

Definition of quadriceps : the greater extensor muscle of the front of the thigh that is divided into four parts Examples of quadriceps in a Sentence He felt a pain in his right quadriceps.

Where does the quadriceps femoris get its name?

Quadriceps femoris muscle. It is the great extensor muscle of the knee, forming a large fleshy mass which covers the front and sides of the femur. The name derives from Latin four-headed muscle of the femur .

How does the quadriceps angle change with age?

Change of quadriceps angle values with age and activity. The quadriceps angle, or Q-angle, is defined as the angle formed by the intersection of two lines, one that starts at the anterior iliac spine and goes to the center of the patella, and another that goes from the tibial tuberosity to the center of the patella.

How are the quadriceps connected to the tibia?

quadriceps A group of extensor muscles that cover the anterior surface and sides of the mammalian femur. These muscles join at the base and are connected to the tibia by a single tendon. Muscle spindles in the quadriceps are responsible for the knee-jerk reflex (see stretch reflex ).

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